... eyestone... #1

in #esteem4 years ago

I don't know if you use the phrase "eyestone", google translate change it to "apple of my eye".


Since it changed so radical it would seem very strange to show stones when it says apple...


I think it's called "lost in translation"!



Awe those little eyestones are so dang cute @galtsund!!! :-)

They sure are adoorable! Have you heard
of the #googlyeyes contest? :-)

thanks for bringing it up! its really a very cool shot!!!

A whole family of googly eyed stones. 😊

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Thanks for the update 😘

This is amazing. Yes #googlyeyes will LOVE this.

Russian language has it as 'apples of the eyes', too -- not the stones.

cool find! i think #3 is the best of these. up!

ps. you know, you can use up to 5 tags, to raise visibility of your posts?.. also to earn more valuable tokens.. like, #creativecoin #neoxian #lifestyle #marlians etc. and, of course, #googlyeys


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