The first “Esteem” MeetUp - Explanation of rules on “esteemapp” by @yandot

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After nearly two years after the launch of the esteem application until it was received and greatly enjoyed by a number of steemians. The population is growing very fast and using this application. This application belongs to @good-karma and one of the most successful applications in steemit to date. Join on discord [update]

Saturday, May 9, 2018, which coincides on this day, has been a successful event that was held by a team and a number of esteem users.

The first MeetUP Esteem!

At this event has been present some people who are experienced and influential directly on the esteem, @yandot one of which can be regarded as a mod esteemapp. And also participate @arie.steem ie owner rather than @sevenfingers. They can be said to be great in collaborating here.


And there are also a number of seniors who attended such as @owner99 , @dedyrendra , @helmibireun , @altafalazzam and others.


As @owner99 and @dedyrendra are chief executives of this event, they are great to have made this event lively until it's over. So many steemians are present at the MeetUp Esteem show, as for those from different regions coming for the event. They have made an appeal to Channael discord esteem for designing this event and the management of this event only through channel discord.





There are so many questions that a number of those who are there are pointed out, such as:

"How does @esteemapp work doing upvote?

|@yandot Got 3 answers:

  • "Use a special account for the esteem and do not have a problem with plagiarism, let alone the account that has been included in the @steemcleaners report list "

  • "@esteemapp just upvote the post that is loaded through the esteem application and can now use the #esteem tag "

  • "Only accounts with over 40 reputation get upvote", it's done to avoid cheating rather than bot.

Then @owner99 and @dedyrendra give a little material about the posting procedure, they point to a high- powered post and each original post should not take someone else without permission from the owner.

@owner99 also added as a suggestion, he provides some macro lenses to those who are active on post #photography . He thinks they should actually load the original macro photographs from their work, as there are many contests provided to find good and quality macro photos.


  • Creating original posts, not limited to hunting upvote rather than bot esteemapp

  • Must have the resolve and intention to succeed

  • Do not wait and glued to the post that has been loaded, then look for new ideas for the next post. Because a post has been loaded then it does not belong to the owner and belongs to the reader

  • Create useful posts when they read

  • This event has been completed in a lively and successful, hopefully there will be MeetUp 2nd session for Esteem


Continue, Look forward to the video version in the MeetUp Esteem event documentation!


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Sukses selalu untuk Steemian Aceh, kami baru saja membuat sebuah upvote gratis khusus untuk Aceh, kami belum bisa memberi banyak Terima Kasih salam aneuk nangroe

Saleum aneuk nangroe, geunaseh 10 jaroe rayoe that dari sinoe. :)

Kok saya jelek di sana ya. Apa di edit2 yah. Wkwkwk


Merasa diri paling cool :D

Iya.. Saya gk terima itu..
Ini udah kena pasal pencemaran wajah baik 😂

Weuh aku-aku!

Keringetan saya ngedit biar nampak cantik berkali-kali, apadayalah Zonk :D

nyo siribe ji vote le abuwa good. AMINN

Hahaha CAs ile

Bit syit, long manteng rap han long turi lee. Tapi @arie.steem and @yandot karap mirip... :)

a very remarkable event.
I also accepted this invitation, but I can not attend because there are other activities that I can not leave.
there are some friends from my community that is #kokamspy who represent.

always success

Maybe at the next event you will attend!

Insyaallah,,, I will attend

42 minet, $43,27. cukop jroeh,
semoga seumakin jaya

Amin, tanyoe mandum beujaya!

jroeh.., kiban cara cukop jai nyan bg

Homhai, salah iteugon kadang. Sie neutanyoeng bak awak vote!

hai bg cutit lah loen sigoegoe

It good to learn some few things from this write up as it put more light into the usage of the esteemapp. Thanks for sharing.

You will be glad when getting results from what you create with quality and original.

Sure, looking forward having a good time using the desktop app on my system.

Ingin rasanya Saya ada bersama Anda semua. Semoga saja suatu hari bisa duduk dan menimba ilmu dari Anda semua.
Salam hangat untuk kalian..

Itu pasti, kita akan bertemu disana bersama mereka yang lucu-lucu!

baru mencoba posting satu bang @foways, mudah2han makin berkembang

Itulah doa dan bukan harapan, berkembang dengan segala kemampuan disetiap gerak seni dalam aura.

penunjuknya kok kuning ya :D.

Nyan ubat saket ule :D

Mantapp bang, semoga beumeuhase lagee ban hajat, EFA makin berkembang & berjaya 🙏🙏🙏

Yes bangBRO, taharap beujalan bah na dasar dan jalan keu tanyoe kusus di aceh. Yang gabuk-bah gabuk!

Beutoi that nyan rakan, semoga jeut keu saboh solusi kesejahteraan steemian di aceh. Aamiin 🙏

Sukses terus buat kita semua:) thanks for everything brother

Yes, kita semua sukses. Tapi saya percayakan mereka supaya maju dan tidak berhimpun pada satu jalan.

Cas ile!

@yandot yang toh bak photo nyan tgk wet alias @foways?



Bereh bg foways,, semoga sabe sukses, bg,

Yes pak jalal, sukses sit ngoen aneuk muda-muda.

Neu cas ile yak!

Like Post.JPG

Mntap jiwa bang yan....
Saleum kenal dari aneuk nanggroe

I am big fan of this app feeling sad why I didn't used it before.