Needs a Seatbelt Extender on a Plane

in esteem •  18 days ago 


This girl is in her early 20's and takes up a seat and a half on the LRT train I rode on. A normal seatbelt will not work for her on an airplane and she will need an extender if she flies.

The normal sized person next to her makes a good contrast. That person is standing because the half-seat is not big enough to use.

I do not normally see large people like this in SE Asia. I certainly take note of them when I do. I used to look for fat people to see if they were bigger than me. This girl is close to my largest size.

Now in the US this is the new "normal." When I see crowd scenes from the states, I can pick out many who are now this size. I used to be the fattest around until the 2000's, and now so many are like this.

It's pretty much a continual heartbreak, and I wish it was not this way. I am beginning to face the fact that there is nothing I can do to help.


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