Watching Yangon Myanmar Wednesday Walk

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Colorful and interesting Yangon Myanmar is my subject for the Wednesday Walk event by @tattoodjay. This week I'm showing you people walking in this city I fell in love with. Close enough for Jay's non-rules for his non-contest!

These shots are from one of my visa trips which are always too short. Yangon is a place I cannot blink for fear I will miss something I want to see.

walk IMG_5210.JPG

This monk with no shoes is going to get into a truck just about to drive up and stop for him.

walk IMG_5209.JPG

Traffic on the way to the temple you can barely see moved at a crawl. Much faster to walk.

walk IMG_5212.JPG

The man with the bike just got knocked over by a car and now has to reload.

walk IMG_5218.JPG

Making rounds.

walk IMG_5211.JPG

Carrying your heavy packages on your head is quite normal here.

walk IMG_5228.JPG

You cannot tell, but the bus is packed full like all I saw in Yangon.

walk IMG_5229.JPG

Very typical.

walk IMG_5220.JPG

I liked all the umbrellas in this shot.

walk IMG_5222.JPG

And then the view got more interesting.
walk IMG_5223.JPG

The yellow bag is on her head, and she is walking fast.

walk IMG_5261.JPG

The umbrella is against sun, not rain in this photo.
walk IMG_5259.JPG

Water is delivered all day everyday with these heavy carts. The upside down bottles are the empties. Almost every delivery also includes going up and down steep staircases, so these men are really earning their keep.
walk IMG_5255.JPG

That's it for this week. I promise myself to actually Go. On. A. Walk. for next week! Let's see if I really do :)

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My random observation - it's nice to see glimpses of a society that isn't dripping in designer brand name clothes and shoes.

You see almost nothing from the west in Myanmar. It's very startling. There are also very few tourists from the west or anywhere else. I was only in Yangon, but it's even more striking in the villages from what I have read from others. It's my favorite of the places I have visited, but not an easy place at all.

Thanks fir sharing life on the streets there I have been to a lot of that area but never there
Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

So late replying! Yangon is a great city, but so hard to navigate. I is 30+ years behind the times with very poor infrastructure. But I just love it there and hope to return.

NO worries about the ate reply I have bene to many places behind the times as you say and for the most part they all have such. Charm to them in their own way

I loved myanmar, especially Mandalay .. so interesting.

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So late to reply! I cannot blink there, thinking I will miss something. I never got to Mandalay, but I would love to go. Lucky you, @riverflows.

Too crowded for my liking Sharon, interesting to see how people navigate these busy cities.

Thanks for sharing, these are places I enjoy on photographs, knowing full well I would never visit @fitinfun

That's a lot of the attraction of STEEM for me. I see so much I never would otherwise :)

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