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8 The Way of Sustenance Described in the Qur'an

Humans often see fortune is only a matter of money generated from the work he worked, even though God's sustenance is very broad. Quoted from Persis.or.id, in the Koran, at least there are eight paths of sustenance that Allah gives to his servants. What are they?

  1. Guaranteed Sustenance
    "There is no single creature that moves on this earth that is not guaranteed by God to sustain it." (Q.S.11: 6)
    Example: Even though an orphan does not have parents, he will still live to the extent of being cared for by an orphanage or adopted by another family
  2. Sustenance Because of Business
    "It is not human to get anything except what he does." (Q.S.53: 39)
    Example: Because of tenacity in business, now the Turkish nation can prosper, even though its nature is not so rich.
  3. Sustained because of Gratitude
    "Surely if you are grateful, We will add to you (blessings)." (Q.S.14: 7)
    Example: Brunei Darussalam recently applied Islamic Shari'a as gratitude to God for His blessings, so they now find new gas fields with a capacity of billions of cubic feet.
  4. Unexpected fortune
    Whoever is afraid of Allah will surely make him a way out and give him sustenance from a direction he does not expect. "(QS. At Thalaq: 2)
    Example: Because of the devotion of the inhabitants of Mecca and Medina, who would have thought oil and gas were under the land of Hijaz (Saudi Arabia).
  5. Sustenance Due to Istighfar
    "Give respite to your Lord, verily He is Forgiving, surely He will send rain to you in abundance, and increase wealth." (Qur'an, 71: 10-11)
    Example: The people of Prophet Yunus, after they repented, Allah gave prosperity to them for up to 40 years, another history said 80 years.
  6. Because of Marriage
    "And marry those who are still single among you, and also those who are worthy of your servants, both men and women. If they are poor, then Allah will give them stability with His gift. "(QS. An-Nur: 32)
    Example: When he was a bachelor, Abdurrahman bin Auf r.a was only a rope seller, but after marriage he became a big business owner of the Madinah market.
  7. Sustenance Because of Children
    "And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We will bear their sustenance and also (sustenance) for you. "(Surat al-Isra 31)
    Example: Jacob when he moved from his home and became a goat herder, after getting married and having 12 children, the goats also grew in number.
  8. Rezeki because of alms
    "Who wants to lend to God, a good loan (infaq & alms), then Allah will double the payment to him with a lot of folds." (Surat al-Baqarah 245)
    Example: The generosity of Uthman bin Affan r.a up to now there is still inheritance and his savings are still stored in the account of the Islamic Bank of Saudi Arabia.
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