God is ready to call off the drought

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Here lies the problem of many. They hold on tightly to what is
their own and yet expect God to hear their prayers. God is ready to
call off the drought, but He waits for men to pour on the water.
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The human thought is always to have a way of retreat ready. In case rain
does not fall, there are at least twelve jars of water. But those who
count the jars of water at hand will never see the water from heaven.
Whoever wishes to have the water from heaven must be willing, like
Elijah, to spend the water at hand. Let everything be spent, not only
the cattle and the sheep but also the water in hand. The same
principle applies to the matter of money. Unless new believers are
delivered from the power of mammon, the way of the church can
never be straight. May we all be consecrated people who lay our all
on the altar for God.

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Abraham gave his only begotten son before God physically manifested the giving of His only begotten son to the world. We can never out give God!
Even when the rain destroyed the world o Noah, the water from under the earth was released before the one from heaven began to rain!

The unwritten code is that you release what you have before what you don't have can be given to you!
The Woman of Zarephat released the water and the flower she had fro her and child to eat before they die before Elijah released the abundance of heaven to sustain them till the rain came in Isreal!

A stingy life can never get anything new because God can not trust him.

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