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You’ve gone through the interviewing process with a number of advisors and have picked one.

This person seems very knowledgeable, and you feel like this is a good fit. However, the time may come
when you decide that your financial advisor is just not the right one
for you anymore. That’s okay; it’s perfectly alright to switch advisors if you feel that your advisor isn’t doing the right thing for you. Here are some guidelines to help you make your decision:
Although no one expects you to become an expert on every aspect of your portfolio, that’s what your advisor is for, you should have some
understanding of its components. If your advisor recommends investing in an annuity, make sure you are familiar with what an annuity is.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it will make you feel better. Be sure
you are comfortable with the answers your advisor gives you, as well
as with each individual product.

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