Moths macrophotography

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Moths are insects that are closely related to butterflies and both belong to the Order of Lepidoptera. The difference between a butterfly and a moth is more than a taxonomy. Sometimes the name Rhopalocera is used for butterflies while Heterocera is used for moths to formalize their differences. Much effort has been made to divide the order of Lepidoptera into groups such as Microlepidoptera. The failure of this name to remain in the modem classification because none of the classification represents a pair of monophyletic groups. In fact, the butterfly is a small group that emerges from moths. These insects usually appear at night and often in groups while the butterflies appear during the day.

this moth I found in the plantation area and is dying, it may be because of a predator attack so hiding in the foliage. moths are somewhat white color can usually affect our skin itching when in contact with wings. dear moths contain toxic but not to the point of fatal for our body.

here is some collection of moth images that I capture, this photo taken camera phone xiaomi redmi 3 and additional macro lens

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