flower starfruit

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the red color is beautiful and will turn into fruits that are made in cooking spices. her name is starfruit.

This bungi grows in season, in just a few days the flowers will wither and remove the seeds that will be the fruit. starfruit flower in addition to its beauty is also beneficial to our body, this flower contains vitamin C that can treat canker sores and chapped lips. how to grab a flower of this and immediately dikunya, it feels a bit sour but powerful for canker sores.

here are some pictures I take, below is the peak of fertility interest. these starfruit flowers are in bloom and look beautiful but this bloom is not long, in a day the red flower bunch will wither and fall from the stalk.

the following is the original condition of the starfruit flower picture with normal shooting sessions without using a macro lens in addition to the camera phone. at first glance we see ordinary but the beauty will be seen if the lens macro in combination with the main camera.