a sign of the destruction of marine ecosystems

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along the coast of Malacca Strait in the aceh waters area we find many reefs that have been destroyed and wiped to the edge of the beach. coral reefs are marine plants that grow very slowly but now many have died and destroyed. according to scientists of marine ecosystems, coral reefs will die if the level of sea water keasaaman increased, it is caused by sea pollution and so forth.



Biologists declare coral reefs as ecosystems formed by dominance of coral existence. In contrast to geologists who claim coral reefs as rocks that form lime or calcium carbonate sedimentary structures. Coral reefs have the dominance of animal habitat Scleractina order (organisms that can produce lime). Limestone sedimentation on coral reefs from corals and algae.

Coral reefs can be found on the edge of the beach or sea with depth that can still be reached by the sun. In general coral reefs can be found at depths of about 50 meters below sea level. Several types of coral reefs are found in deep seas on the seafloor but do not form corals. Coral reef ecosystems are commonly found in tropical waters with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Coral reefs are found to be very sensitive to temperature changes, salinity changes, and sedimentation.

The coral reef ecosystem is a living habitat of a number of species of starfish, spawning, nesting and enlarging of fish children. In this ecosystem there is plenty of food for small fish and these small fish are prey to larger predators.

It is estimated there are more than one million species inhabit this ecosystem. Although it looks solid as rocks, the ecosystem is very vulnerable to environmental changes. The optimum temperature for coral growth ranges from 26-28 ° C.1 With temperature tolerance ranging from 17-34 ° C.2 Temperature changes over long periods can kill coral reefs. This ecosystem also requires clear waters, so the sun can penetrate to the deepest layers.


There are various causes of coral reef damage due to human activities, including:

  1. Mining Activities

Coral rocks used as building materials, road construction and various accessories to beautify the aquarium by mine became one of the causes of damage to coral reef ecosystems. Coral reef mining activities to generate economic benefits are not justified.

  1. Fishing in Illegal Way

Fishing with explosives, toxic materials, and various fishing gear that can damage and harm coral reef colonies. The number of fishermen who still use illegal ways to get a lot of fish from the sea is a strong reason for the destruction of the types of coral reefs that exist.

  1. Waste Pollution

The presence of water pollution by various wastes that spread in the sea can damage the survival of coral reefs. Unprocessed industrial wastes first and directly discharged into the sewer greatly damaging the aquatic ecosystem. These wastes include industrial waste, agriculture, households that occur on land and sea.

  1. Presence of Precipitation Process

Sedimentation occurs due to various human activities in the form of mining, coastal construction, tropical deforestation, or agriculture. Such activity leads to soil erosion being carried to the sea. As a result the level of turbidity of the higher water and threaten the life of the existing coral reefs due to the quality of dirty and turbid water.


Vegetation of this coral reef has many functions for human life, also for nature. What are the functions of this reef? Here:

for humans, coral reefs into warehouses of food and medicine supplies
become a source of foreign exchange for the country's tourism because of its beauty so it can serve as a tourist commodity.
It is home to thousands of animals and plants, such as fish, invertebrates and marine mammals, including those with high economic value.
Be a source of food for various types of animals
As a shelter for various species of animals living in this ecosystem.
Coral reef function is very much. The data noted that there are millions of Indonesian people who up to now rely fully on coral reefs, namely as a source of livelihood.

The value of fish, coral, and crab harvesting inhabiting coral reef ecosystems around the world can even reach 9 million tons, or at least 12% of the total number of fishery catches in the world. Usually, fishery resources in this reef area are still many who are caught using traditional fishing gear.


Given the many functions and benefits of coral reefs, it is appropriate if we take care to keep these coral reefs can be sustainable. It takes a lot of protection against these coral reefs in order to make the conservation of coral reefs awake.

Because after all, with the conservation of coral reefs are maintained, then the natural ecosystem will also participate awake, as well as to help the economy of small people, who are around it. Unfortunately, this community sometimes also contributes to coral reef damage. Therefore, the community is much use coral reefs to support the coral reef fishery industry traditionally.

Excessive utilization without conservation efforts makes coral reef damage even more severe. The impact of coral reef damage is ultimately also back to the economic losses of society.


within a 2-meter radius of the coast, this is the pile of coral reefs I collect to take pictures of, imagine how much coastline in the whole province of Aceh and how much of a pile if we collect everything. hopefully the future of the marine ecosystem can be well preserved and to the lovers of marine life, in order to provide explanations and guidance to the community and government in order to safeguard the coral reef without damaging it.


hopefully this post is useful to be our marine sustainability and our life is better then later. thanks.



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