Creating Short Reports

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About the exam of the subject of ethics, Faculty of Philosophy at one of the universities in the city of New York, USA. "If your house's favorite dog has actually been in love with your mother, tell me what's your impression? Develop your imagination freely, and write a short report of no less than two thousand words.

Reportedly after seeing this exam many students immediately get angry until someone thumped the table because unable to restrain emotions, even some students who cried. But among them it turns out that one student responded with a calm attitude: "Ouch, it's a good thing my house just keeps a turtle!" He wrote on the exam paper.


Best word that i ever read bout this one. I like it

Again and again this picture looks very marvelous. One again i met with profesional photographer over here.

Very pretty tourism site foe vaxation. Im waiting the day to reach this place @fatma-27

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