Some unique food originating from indonesia

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Hi friend steemit come back with us on this occasion I want to share unique and creative Indonesian food, Indonesia is one of the countries that exist in asia which is very famous with various culinary that exist Indonesia



this cake is similar to onde-onde tapih sekilasnya like laugh.

2.Kue pancong


Semi-shaped circle made from coconut milk, rice flour, and coconut.

3.Kerang telor


Where else can you find a rice crust that taste good taste? Yes, only in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. The crust is different, because it is made with a mixture of eggs (can be chicken or duck) and other spices that make the egg crust more delicious to eat. This is one of the Betawi specialties that you have to try.

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wah kue yang sangat enak bg, saya penjual kue pancong bg, mampir lah sesekali ke gerobak saya ,hehe

Jualan dimana