Proud of being an Acehnese

in esteem •  4 months ago

Today President Jokowi wears Acehnese traditional clothing.

A choice full of meaning. As an Acehnese I am proud. Custom clothing is a cultural existence for anyone.

I tried to interpret. That without Aceh, Indonesia failed to become independent. After the second aggression, the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia was subdued.

Except for a piece of Aceh land. The Dutch and allies did not dare to take Aceh. Past experiences about Aceh's heroism killed their guts.

And Radio Rimba Raya always broadcasts that the Republic of Indonesia still exists. That capital is also used by Indonesia to negotiate.

International support continues to be raised that Indonesia is still sovereign. Still has a territory, namely a piece of Aceh. Whereas Indonesian political leaders have been arrested.

So what President Jokowi showed today should be. The symbolic value is very large. This nation must know that. Today's Jokowi presidential outfit is not just a symbolic ceremonial of the 73rd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. But it is the recognition of Aceh's existence and sacrifice for Indonesia.

And to this day Indonesia has not returned that kindness. Aceh is still just seen symbolically.

Aceh is still seen with hegemonic politics. Whenever there is goodness is still half-hearted. Hopefully Indonesia will not be insubordinate to her mother.

And we are Acehnese, merciful and compassionate people, no matter how ill-treated Indonesia is.

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