LEGISLATURE: Can we take solace under you?

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Many of us are proud of where we are born and some are not. Being born in a particular country makes you a citizen of that country by virtue of just your birth. Being patriotic is a different ball game entirely. You can be patriotic in a country simply because you love that country and the people there. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your country of birth.

People become patriotic for so many reasons. It could be as a result of upbringing or simply believing in that country because of what it has done for you or your family or simply because you think you have a lot of things to give that country.

As Nigerians, we are always faced with difficulties and we mostly overcome them. Many things have happened in the past that suggest there is a need to question the judiciary. Most times, many of us feel the system is shaky because it has a faulty foundation.

The most recent of such doubts is the case of an alleged forgery of NYSC certificate by Minister of Finance. Remember I used the word ‘alleged’. Now, if an allegation is made, it is right and proper for the alleged to prove his/her innocence before the court of law.

In this scenario, the alleged is holding a public office and many children currently have same person as role model. It is expected that a governement fighting corruption should rise up and address this issue but sadly nothing is being said about it.


The president has been mum about the incident which is not supposed to be the case. It is expected that the Minister should be questioned and asked to prove her innocence before the masses because she’s holding a public office and one of the requirements to work in a public office is the possession of a NYSC certificate or an exemption letter issued by NYSC officials.

The allegation is that the certificate is fake, the number on the original certificate is ticker than the one on the certificate presented by the Minister, signature of the DG of NYSC on the certificate tendered before Senate left office six months earlier which suggests he couldn’t have signed it. These are for now facts that can be argued in the court of law but nothing has been said about the incident.

Whether true or false, there should be a board of enquiry looking into the matter. This administration needs to know that Nigerians are watching and recording all these things. We will ask questions when it is time to do so.

A government like the one we have now should immediately prosecute this allegation and clear Nigerians off any doubt that might be arising from this allegation.

We hope something is done sooner. Thanks for your time.

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