Essence of harmonizing our lives

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Today, we take a look at our living in harmony, the disarray affects of our living structure and in general, the world as a whole.


Harmony is a noun that describes an agreement, such as in feeling, sound, look, feel, or smell. It’s necessary for roommates to be able to live in harmony in a small space, else they’re in for a wake-up call. In music, harmony is a pleasing combination and progression of chords. If it makes you wince, it’s lacking harmony. Synonyms for harmony include accord, concord, cooperation, like-mindedness, and unanimity. Antonyms, on the other hand, range from clash and disagreement to discord.

From the definition above, we can say Harmony is also UNITY, CONCORDANCE, SYNCING or any other synonymous words that go in line with the subject above.

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The world we find ourselves today, the community we live, the people we interact with on daily basis, via be it social media platforms, face to face interaction or someone we met on the journey of life are by default major determinants of what happens to us (predicament or success).

When we listen to music, the chords, the strings and other instruments which strucks together in other to make a sound must be in sync or be harmonized with each other for it to be pleasing or make sense to the listener. When a sound does not please its hearer, it means there's a fault in the the way the song is been composed. Most listeners do not pay attention to the voice behind a song, they often listen to the harmony of the sound and forget about the artist.

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Colors need to be in harmony in order to please the viewers

Living in harmony is as essential as the air we breathe in. Its a determinant of how well we live our lives, it shapes our future and that of our children.

Excerpts will be taken from what i described as a landmark peace treaty.
Did you know that the United States and North Korea signed a MOU to ease the nuclear weapon launch threats on the 12th of June, 2018?

This act has ushered in a new world of change and has taken a huge step back from a world of nuclear catastrophe which might lead to world War II.

The President of the United States said;

The World has taken a big step back from potential Nuclear catastrophe! No more rocket launches, nuclear testing or research! The hostages are back home with their families.

Donald Trump, 2018.

Its now obvious the good deeds that living in harmony is capable of doing to enrich lives of many.

Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace!

6 Principles of Harmonious living

  • Honesty and wholeness

We need to create time to understand each other and be impactful not just in our own lives but that of others. The universe is all encompassing. It’s complete and whole. While being just a microscopic part of the universe, each of us is complete and whole as well – as we are, who we are, where we are – in our lives, in our health, work and relationships, every moment of the day.

When we live in accordance with the principles of wholeness and honesty, we live in harmony. This means to live with integrity and truth – expressing ourselves authentically, making an honest living, and keeping our agreements, both with others and ourselves

  • Live a positive life

Living in positivity means to be vigilantly aware and let go of any negative thought patterns and behaviors that may block the harmonious flow of life, so love, success and abundance can flow into our life without obstruction

  • Spend time doing what you love

The truth is time is never enough, but we can expand time by doing what we love and spending time with people we love.
Creating a harmonious relationship with time is one of the key ingredients to living a harmonious life. And the key is to be fully present with whatever you’re doing, to live in the present moment – not the past, not the future.

  • Expect change

The law of nature is unbendable, change is an inevitable part of our lives. Truth is if we prepare ourselves for change, we are more likely to live an harmonious life

  • Trust yourself

Many people have fallen into the hurting hands , whilst placing so much trust in friends, family, coworkers, they loose at the end of the day, loosing so much hope and blaming human for nature which we have no control over. Learning to trust oneself enriches an harmonious living

  • Live with/in the flow

Just like a dirt thrown in the flowing river, it can only live with the flow of the water body or face blockages on its way. There's time for everything under the sun, seasons come and season goes. Living with/in the flow is living in harmony rather than living against it.

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Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

Nice writeup! Truly, these principles are needful in our lives, even as we practically live by them to ensure harmony.

Unity is strength... Is a simple experiment To bring a bunch of broom and a stick of broom you find out that it is very easy to break the stick than the bunch...
The post is inspiring... Thanks 👍👍👍

Unity is strength... Is a simple experiment To bring a bunch of broom and a stick of broom you find out that it is very easy to break the stick than the bunch...
The post is inspiring... Thanks 👍👍👍

harmonizing is giving love for love!