Earnings Or No Earnings, Keep Steeming!

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The feeling you get when your post does not generate much attention or upvote can be frustrating and discouraging. It always make you want to quit steeming and give up. And in your quest to know more about what is happening, you discover its not just you.


The problem

Many at times we tend to compare our earnings with the earnings of others especially those whom we consider better than us or those we joined with same period on steemit. If we are not earning up to what they are earning or if our reputation is not up to theirs, sometimes, it motivates us to work harder.

Most times we always check who upvotes/comments on our post. When we see the upvote/positive comment of a whale, the feeling is always indescribable. We go on the whole of that week not minding of we get an upvote from any other person or not until the post pays out.

These are the stories, experiences and the life of a minnow on steemit. Currently, the fall in price of sbd and steem has contributed immensely to the discouragements of minnows especialy newbies who joined steemit with the hope of making reasonable amount of money after seeing the amounts cumulated by some trending posts.

The way forward

Having known all these, it is imperative to foster a solution. I always tell my friends and myself that no mater how small or big my earnings is on steemit, i will never quit! I have been or should i say most of us have been on facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter and so on for more than a decade or half but have never earned any reward for our participation on those platforms other than wasting and whiling away our time and data.

Steemit has given us everything those social network can give us and even more. It rewards us for our efforts and inputs. Though i will agree with you if you say its not much for all our efforts, however, i will like to ask you where else you can get this opportunity.

So what do i do?

Steemit is a very big place for everyone. There are more things to steemit than the rewards. You can make friends get known get more information about things, places, tangible and even intangible things.

Try to socialise. Get to know people and interact with them. Learn and get better at what you do. Ask questions if something is not clear to you. And above all, KEEP STEEMING


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Great encouraging words. How do we become parts of or beneficiaries of #euronation ??

Nice one...
One mistake we often make is conparing our selves to others...
I might need to do some work on my self on that one..

Go Euronation!

Wonderful words on encouragement. A lot of minnows quite steemit in their first few weeks because they came with a mindset of getting money for doing little or nothing.

Steemit is an investment, and every investment has a maturity period. We must understand this so as not to get disappointed

Great encouragement to me and minnows esp these days ..( drop of sbd.).. from the time i joined steemit..i agree with you.. instead of facebook or instagram.. with steemit i’ve learned a lot of lesson.. met new friends from other country and thru their posting i learned from their country’s culture & traditions as well
Thank you for this post @euronation
God bless you more and more..

Artikel yang sangat bagus sobat. So nice.

Slow and steady wins the race. You don't win all the time. So, don't get depressed when you don't get value for your work now, tomorrow people will source you.
Thanks @euronation for this inspiring piece.

My sentiments exactly! I've found Steemit to be a useful way to share Unpublished Data from original scientific research with my colleagues. Anyone else interested, especially STEM students, can access it and learn from it.

Great post very encouraging,oga eurogee help newbies like us by inviting our post

Honestly this post have given me life again and breathe of hope
Thanks 😢😢😢😢😢😢.
Actually I want to quit