Thanks @good-karma. this is really great for us. individually I'm very grateful for this information..

Thanks for information sir

I understand your words. I'm the one for the next post.because program are useful and amazing.

Program that are very useful and amazing,i really support the program,,@esteemapp

Most welcome sir

I agree with these terms 😂

@esteemapp is very popular and I am looking forward to the next new release.
good luck @esteemapp.

it is so useful. thanks for provide such news for ours....

I always use the esteem app

very good program, I really support it, Thank you for sharing about your program @esteemapp

Thanks for the info. I submitted a bug report a couple weeks back for the iOS eSteem app but haven’t heard back. Is there an expected response time? I like the app but it gets tedious restarting it all the time.

Probably we has got your report but let's check it out. Would you please tell how you've reported and what device you are using, what iOS version and how to reproduce the bug?

We were highly focusing on eSteem Surfer desktop version for last couple of weeks so mobile development was on hold but soon we will continue with the fixes and other improvements.

I write by esteemapp and tag esteem but can't receive upvotes.anyone please help @good-karma?

What can i do for getting upvotes from esteem? someone please help me to figure it out.i want to know details about esteem.please help.

Thanks again for the useful updates.

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