You Rock @good-karma! 😎🤘

My loving app @esteemapp always post using this app and feel comfortable always. Thanks @good-karma

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Let me say thank you for your effort, @good-karma and eSteem team! Me and my dear friend @melinda010100 are working on bringing some quality content users to eSteem.

Good quality active users will be great for all of us on @eSteem!

Well said!

He is doing wonderfully well, I have recommended esteem to most of my friends, though for a selfish reason, esteem app rocks, and thanks to @good-karma

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@good-karma was one of my first upvotes on steemit so I immediately voted him as a witness . I started using his esteem mobile app pretty early on and I really liked it. Still do as it has evolved into a great platform and they have been upvoting my content regularly. I am very loyal to the people who upvote my content and he is always one of them whether he knows it or not. It's great to know you worked in Nxt. Did not know that. One of the more sophisticated blockchains. Anyway esteem is in safe hands with him at the helm.

Great photo! Thanks so much for all you do for us, @good-karma! ❤️

Thank you dear!

I really appreciate all you and @esteemapp are doing for steemit @good-karma and am grateful for your wonderful support. (U & R )

Awesome effort and it's my pleasure to meet you @good-karma

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Photos rarely can be seen, and this is a rare moment, 😎

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