well done to you guys. I did use the old esteem and I might consider to use this app too. Let's steem on. Good luck with your project.

Great work. I'm really excited about the new version of the app. As soon as I saw this post, I immediately uninstalled the current version and installed this new version of the app. Used the app for over 2 hours and wrote a big review article with some good and bad things that felt about the app.

I have also highlighted some of the bugs I found in the app. I will continue using it and let you know if there are further bugs. Post link below: (Sorry about the size of the article. 😛)

Thanks, @good-karma for all the efforts. The output is really amazing.

I've downloaded, so I want to ask a question, can we basically delete the old esteem and log on with the new one, will there be a side effect to continuing with the old esteem app?

No side effect. Both the old legacy app and the early version of v2 have been deprecated. Updates will continue only on this v2.2.0.

Does that also mean no upvote on the old version?

If you are using old version you won’t benefit from latest changes and won’t mine ESTM to fullest potential. So better upgrade, new version also allows you to spend your ESTM in few ways

Thanks a million. Well-done esteem amazing dapp

Posts posted from the old apps can still be curated, it's advisable to download the new app for earning points which can be used to boost posts, invest in ESTM and other use cases.

senang menggunakan aplikasi ini. mudah dan kini ada reward pula dalam bentuk point. semoga ke depan, reward nya bisa lebih besar untuk yang mengupload dan memberi komentar via esteem-app ini.

Hello I can't find the app in the Google play store, can someone help me with the link to the app, the links on this post aren't working for me.

I am not comfortable, to be honest, to use the owner key in my phone. Can I log in by only using the posting key?

You can use any of your keys depending on the one you'll like to use, and you can login with SteemConnect however your keys are saved and encrypted on your local device storage.

haysm5dufl.png I already used this application but it's a little different from the other one thank you esteemapp

Bravo! You are the best of the best! Hope HF21 goes smoothly tomorrow and we can quickly move on to Hf22.

Ia the best, i am very like.

Marvelouse. This is that I am waiting for. Thanks esteemapp. Now I can boosting my colected ESTM TOKEN.

eSteem is getting better and better with each update.

I miss the old automatic eSteem upvote for each day post, but I think the new boost feature would be amazing!

Yes we believe incentives are well aligned and of course we are making sure that our users enjoy experience

How do I fill out the post box in order to boost my post? Could you post an example?

When you start typing post title, you will see options to select your latest post. Navigate to Points page and tap on your Points, you will see dropdown with Boost option and after that enter your username to get your post list as suggestion. Here couple screenshots to help:


Hope it helps, let us know!

Yes, that was exactly what I needed! Thank you.

Just installed it now, it was so smooth now. I'm planning to buy some ESTM, I just need to setup my Google Wallet first.🙂

Is there anyway ESTM can be withdrawn as cash?

Whoooo, great news very happy about this update you have done.

I am a new one to use this app and I love the usability and good interface of this app in both android and destop😀

Just update my old eSteem app.

Just downloaded. Gonna test it on mobile. ^_^

Found an App quiet useful. Any chances that we can manage profile from the App itself in near future?

What managing are we talking about, for example?

e.g. profile picture for the start!

Yes, for sure! Next release, we will add this!

Will there be any iOS upgrade?

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Yes, we are waiting AppStore review!

Alright! Looking forward to it @esteemapp.

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I think there may be a glitch in a Notification section. It shows 5 unread notification, but unable to find which 5. But from my profile overview, I can come to know that there are 2 upvotes, 1 rely to my comment is not being displayed in notification tab. Rest 2 are of user following

It seem to happening if you change from one profile to another, if you navigate to other page and give it few minutes, it should fetch fresh data.

Great job! Cant seem to mark as read the notifications. Keep loading.

Can you share screenshot please? Thanks!

Anyone else unable to resteem anymore? Just keeps showing the list of resteemers for me

Can you share screenshot or error message if you see any? It would help us to know what's happening, thanks!

Honestly, i cant provide anything useful. Its just whenever i click on the reblog button it jumps to the reblog info page. I think that is supposed to happen when you click the associated number next to the icon, but im trying really hard to only click the icon and it keeps happening. Maybe its just me.

Oh right, yes it is suppose to happen. Clicking on Reblog button shows list of users who reblogged, same as list of voters when you click on voter's number. You can reblog from inside app by clicking on 3 vertical dots on top right side to do reblog, share, copy link, promote, boost, etc.

Thankz. Good to know

Downloaded the new version. Great update.

Update from 2.0 to 2.2. doesn't work. Do I need to install new version?

Yes it has to be downloaded separate, v2.2.0 separate app as mentioned on post. We have deprecated v2.0 and listed v2.2.0 as new app with in-app purchases and more new features.

Great job eSteem. Impressive updates released. Kudos to you.

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Just downloaded and installed now! Nice app and tnx for your work !

Now mobile users can join the fun. I have been using esteem as my primary condenser/interface and I must say it takes steemit in a whole new level for user-friendliness. 💪

Thanks Ankarlie! Let us know how new mobile version works for you 😉

Doesn't it? Since I started using eSteem few months ago it got better each update and more user friendly at that.

and I must say it takes steemit in a whole new level for user-friendliness

Yes I totally agree with you. I started using it back in 2017 but started to use it again with the latest version. 😊

wow the best steem app ever

Congratulation guys, it's looks great.

Will try to buy ESTM

Thanks for the new update. However, scheduling posts doesn't work.

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For the past 2 days whenever I use my passcode for esteem on my apple phone it just sits there and does not go to the next screen.. maybe I should re install

Posted using Partiko iOS

Just installed it. 😀

Yang dinantikan tiba....horeee 👍

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Is This app really good ? And whaT kind of stuff we can do with this app???

Everything you can do on plus much more 🙂

It's a nice update. A kind of good news to ESMP

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Excellent progress.

Muy buen articulo gracias para entenderlo lo he traducido.
mi blog @frandelis

Anyone know how to withdraw Steem/SBD using the app? I saw it listed in the new features. I dont quite understand it

Excited to use the new version

Excited to use the new version

Thanks you so much information update


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Hey, is the ESTM token in run by you or is it fake?

I don't know what you did with team but recent update feels really smooth and stable :) And I love ability to switch off PIN request finally. Thanks a lot!

I keep getting this error whenever I try to vote or comment, I can't even post

Posted using Partiko Android

This is likely Server connection issue, Can you please check Settings page on app and change Server to something different and try again?

I am not able to view images after uploading images in my posts on esteemapp.

Posted using Partiko Android

Could you please share screenshot as an example?

dang thats a pretty big release, when can we expect an iOS update? :P

As soon as we hear from AppStore about their review...

Oh awesome, looking forward to taking the new version for a test drive

I thit there's still bugs when we click the pull-down notification, the app seems to load forever. I need to kill it and start it again.

Is there any way to check Voting Power in mobile version? In eSteem Surfer (desktop version) it's easy to spot.

Can you check PlayStore if there is update available, because we are pushing minor fixes daily after we get feedback from users?
Yes, go to your profile page and in Profile details section you see two horizontal lines, blue and read, tap on them and you will see VP and RC indicators. Let me know if it works

yeah, it's hidden and very subtle. I think you should make the VP stats a lot more obvious since HF21 made voting more important than before.

I just downloaded the update, let's see if it's work well.

Purpose of our design is to be minimalist if possible and those information is quite obvious once you know where they are. We will try to improve it in future releases, thanks!

Overall, I love eSteem app! I really appreciate your work. I use both of mobile and surfer, it's sleek and very intuitive. Keep it up, guys!

Grest work! The downvote process is not so clear.
I think a separate button is better.

When you click on vote, you see downvote button and you tap on it to get slider for downvoting and tap again to cast a downvote

I saw It, but I Say that It is not so good. My suggestion is to use two separate buttons for upvote and downvote, with respective numbers.

Sweet app guys and gals. Using it now and makes steem fairly easy to navigate around. I'm new to Steem (just a few days) and I think I'll be using esteemapp more than facebook now. Cheers!!

Thanks for the huge update 👍


Go @esteemapp 😀👍

Maybe This will help the app actually function for me.

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@esteemapp is there any way to downvote in Esteem yet?

Yes, we added that into latest release, Download link is in post, they one you are using is old version, please uninstall and install new app from link above.

For only android? Or for surfer and iOS also? those are the 2 that I use (:

Standing by for eben more chaos with HF22

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This seems important move for esteemapp, Fantastic and Brilliant work Guys, UI looks great. Keep it up.

Thanks for the post.

Good news from @esteemapp

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Already I download this app from play store. And already I I create a post with this app.
Thanks a lot

Posted using Partiko Android

How come on Google Play it doesn't say there's a need to update? No 2.2 showing on there. I downloaded the beta via Google Play last month I think.

Maybe I shouldn't have downloaded the beta then. 🤔 Will uninstall it then download the new esteem app updated version.

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