ESTM mining, use cases and investment opportunities

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We at eSteem, try to find balance between creating a sense of scarcity for ESTM, while still ensuring that a large amount does not accumulate into a very small number of users. Mining on eSteem app is based on what we call Proof of presence and Proof of action, which means no battery drain, no CPU/GPU mining, no data mining. It is lightest mining ever and perhaps one of the first one that allows you to mine on mobile devices. And we are determined to make mobile mining fun!

We want to make sure our users earn more ESTM as they make contributions to the growth of network.

eSteem’s goal is to build an economic model that is sophisticated enough to achieve and balance these priorities while remaining agile. We want to align incentives so that these tokens will be used and invested, circulated with products and services on eSteem platform.

Total supply fixed: 1,000,000,000

  • Mining allocation: 65%
  • Incentive, referral, bounty programs: 15%
  • In-app purchases: 10%
  • Reserve: 5%
  • Team allocation: 5%

Distribution will depend on market price of ESTM as well as to logarithmically decreasing function. Meaning, early users earn more. As more users mine distribution slows down reaching to total supply.

How to mine ESTM?

Using eSteem apps (Mobile, Surfer) for posting, commenting, consistently using, voting, reblogging you are already mining ESTM points. We have few more ideas on how to reward our engaging and loyal users. By default eSteem tokens are unclaimed, you have to claim ESTM rewards just like you claim Steem rewards. Simple daily usage mines you ESTM, while you continue enjoying your Steem and social experience.

How to use ESTM?

We have prepared a new release which we will roll out in phases. Surfer has been released recently with few use cases and coming days update will be offered to Mobile users. In this new release, you are able to gift your ESTM to any user, promote your post with ESTM within app (post will show across all feeds on eSteem and give your content more visibility), use ESTM to boost your post via upvote (only posts made via eSteem apps are eligible for boosting, if post doesn't meet quality control ESTM is refunded back to user), get delegation for ESTM (you will be able to exchange your ESTM to Steem Power delegation). More use cases, we will roll out as we iterate changes. We have some exciting ideas and I am sure you will love it.

When user redeems/uses token, it will be transfered to temporary treasury account which is then distributed back to active miners, that way max supply will be circulated. All ESTM operations are recorded on Steem blockchain.
When user holds token, they will have special advantages that can unlock certain feature, earn passive income, opens gate to increase influence within platform, more details we will announce at a later dates.

How to invest in eSteem?

Our primary goal as mentioned, is to increase demand and balance usage of ESTM token. ESTM points are the ticket for ESTM SMT token. Only way to invest ESTM right now (other than using app), is to delegate to @esteemapp. By delegating any amount, you will receive ESTM tokens daily (10k SP ~ 100 ESTM daily). We are working on in-app purchase, allows anyone to purchase ESTM with their local currency on eSteem mobile, upcoming release will have initial implementation of this.

We have plans on doing IEO to further distribute ESTM and support future development. Already in touch with few reputable exchanges.

With a launch of SMT, everyone will have ability to swap ESTM points to tradable ESTM tokens. If you are private investor want to purchase ESTM tokens, reach out to us at [email protected] or write in our Discord channel, we will be happy to share more details.

Delegate Steem Power and mine ESTM Token daily, be early investor:
500 SP |1000 SP |5000 SP |10K SP |20K SP |50K SP |100K SP


Short to long term roadmap:

  • v2.2.0 release Surfer, desktop application ✅
  • v2.2.0 release of Mobile, iOS and Android application
  • v2 release of Homepage with minimalist style webapp
  • Detailed whitepaper draft
  • On-boarding outreach, referral system
  • Communities
  • Steem Engine token integration (depends on smt release)
  • Multi-wallet
  • Exchange tokens
  • P2P market
  • Merchant/businesses onboarding

Roadmap presented here is rough goals, vision

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great idea to get people to use the apps

@good-karma, you might recall me talking to you about the old esteem app not working for me at SF3.

I'm happy to give this one a go, and have it working.. thanks for your commitment to STEEM.

Yes, we have improved app quite a lot since then. Also we have removed Mobile Legacy version from PlayStore, some users got confused by using legacy version. Download from link on this post, let me know if it works better. 😉

good job

  ·  last month (edited)

@good-karma This is great and all but can yall add downvoting to the platform? Also the mobile app does not work for me, maybe its still buggy?, but I love the desktop version

Ok, we are considering it! Are you sure you are using latest version, try links from this post please and let me know.

Its sucks that when I want to downvote that I have to copy the url string and go to do different front end, to go to the post and downvote from there. Plus HF21 has the free downvote thing so itll be more used then.

We are considering adding downvote on this release. Thanks for feedback!

Also, yeah I got the V2 app to work :D

What a nicely written post! I'm delegating!

This sound very cool ... I go shere this on my pages and also in Twitter :) Cool work I'm happy that I'm in here :) Thanx all.

Thank you @foxkoit for trying out new features. I am sure you will love new update on eSteem mobile, by end of this week I think we will announce changes and mobile release 🤗

Thank you!! That you text back ... but just now I can use just Surfer ... My phone not work, it broke down and stopped working ... but I try get new phone in next month, I can then use this all 100% here. But so far I have used Surfer and all works very good. :)

Excellent progress .
Keep going.

Sometimes my eSteem android app crashes. Hoping for an upgraded version.

Posted using Partiko Android

Try downloading from link on post. Make sure you are using latest version.

The estm wallet tab triggers a lot of crashes on android. Also, post refreshes are inconsistent, didn't see this one for a long time here

Thanks for feedback, Are you using latest version from link on this post? We will ship out (announce) v2.2.0 in few days that has fixes for all crashes and refresh issues. Could you also mention Android version and device type, you can email to [email protected] if you don't want to share it here.

I'll wait for the new version, and contact you in case it's not working :)

Ok 👍

Installed the new app, seems to be working much better with steemconnect

😊 We will announce all changes soon with official notes and changelog. Note: Steemconnect and Traditional login both are secure because all credentials are encrypted on your device.

I also faced this problem but now there are no problem and working smoothly.

Oh I got this one now. Sorry

Posted using Partiko Android

Very creative idea @esteemapp I am interested in your wonderful projects to keep it up STEEM ON!

I'm using the esteem beta

We will release v2.2.0 soon for both Android and iOS, make sure to follow us here to not miss out on updates. Release will bring major improvements and features we mentioned on this post.

Me too

This is great for esteem, I've always looked forward to the token.. Anyway, I can't post anything with my app and it keeps crashing

Posted using Partiko Android

Try redownloading from link on this post and let us know how it works. There will be v2.2.0 announcement soon

I've been using the tokens to boost some of my posts, but have to remember to do that before I get a regular vote anyway. Will this be less attractive after hf21?

Not at all, opposite. You earn more by curating posts yourself before boosting. There is reward curve change as well, we will see results soon enough, week away from HF 😉

The change is going to stir things up. I hope it results in more real curation in and not just chasing profit. We shall see.

It's great I really love the idea. Free money!

..yeesss,done...Not so easy for a newbie like me...a lot of stuff to learn before use... RESPECT, Guys!! are doing an extraordinary great Job!!!..thank you for this!...Up.. follow you anyway...

Install new one and it seems a lot better than the previous one in termso fits usability feature

After reading your post I downloaded the surfer new version it's working great. I don't have SP for delegation but I would love to earn by sharing contents through surfer and esteem android app. Nice initiative all the best @esteemapp

  ·  last month (edited)

The network project and strategy is not complicated, it's simple and profit promising.
I am interested in delegating.
@esteemapp, How do I delegate without the app?

Its kinda fun earning ESTM and I dont even care to look at its value. I just like to collect them 💪😊👍

You know you can boost your post with it and you will know approximate value of ESTM :)

Thats awesome, now that im living off grid I'll have more time for steem 😃

I am looking forward to the v2.2.0 update for the app.
I wanna switch from Partiko to eSteem, but Partiko is just so much more clean at this time x)
So looking foward to it :D

Posted using Partiko Android

Great progress and I'm excited about the roadmap. I'm really waiting for a good stable release of the mobile app. Please consider my request for the mobile application. When you are working on mobile application enhancements, please consider the below:

  1. Don't ask for my pin everytime I open the app. It slows down the opening process. I don't have to confirm my pin for just surfing. Create a separate wallet module and request for pin confirmation only when wallet functionalities are used. This will be a great user experience.


Last time when I asked about this, you mentioned that it is for security reasons. Please have the security only for wallet module. I feel other activities need not undergo this level of security.

  1. The text editor needs some improvements, I'm unable to edit an already published post, if I do so the existing contents are truncated.

  2. Whenever there is a notification there is pop up saying that the page is not found or something. I don't have the exact screen shot but that issue is there for several months now.

  3. An auto save feature in text editor. I have had multiple instances where the app crashes and closes and the article that I was drafting would have disappeared.

Recently I stopped using the mobile
App for these issues. I'm not using it frequently. Without fixing all these issues, the mobile app may not be exciting to use.

A humble feedback from an end user.

Thank you for your feedback. In fact v2.2.0 update fixes all those issues and offers user to disable pin from Settings page. Stay tuned for release announcement

Thats really awesome. Looking forward to using the new version of the app.

I would love to see the roadmap stated here implemented!

This is great news. I use Esteem surfer or the Esteem mobile app daily as my front end of choice unless I am posting an Actifit message. I wish you much success.


Very nice... i want to do this...

I have been using promotion... and I would be interested a lot in some sort of evolution of this feature. Maybe an integration with @steemium? 😎 Would love it!

Interesting proposition, we will think about it. Promoting post inside eSteem is not same as boosting post. Steemium is more a like boosting service.

Looking forward to the updated google app!

@good-karma, greetings and salutations.
Please also bear in mind that some of us, me included, only use desktop PC's and not mobile. Will the future updates also work on PC?
Blessings to your work!

We have already release eSteem Surfer v2.2.0 version with recent improvements and new feature. We will do minor release however to address some recent feedback.

Thank you and I have downloaded it already my friend. Will have to check if it did, as I downloaded the .exe file.

Nice, im going to start using esteem more frequently

esteem iOS app works quite good👍

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great! So we can use phone cell for mining. And the progress in Esteem is give us many benefit.
i hope it will be better in the future with new release.
Thank you @esteemapp, thank you @good-karma and team
warm regard from Indonesia

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Wow I do like these developments of incentivizing esteem users @good-karma thank you very big. :D

YEs ... you must start use it ... this all is very good, also Surfer works here very good :)

Very exciting news and waiting for more to come❤️ good luck guys!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Linux and Windows support, IEO, simple and wsrm design, mining and community merged, this looks like a very promising project. Downloading the app and try to contribute with SP in next weeks. Thanks for free love!

Posted using Partiko Android

Hell that is one pretty ambitious roadmap you got there I hope you guys stick to it and go from strength to strength. Pretty amped for SMTs and hope it breathes new life into projects

Our goal always has been to increase adoption of platform and offer tools, services that will benefit our users. Thanks for your support!

What a pleasant information, thanks for sharing this.
Everyone needs to see this.

Great post I love it 😘

Posted using Partiko Android

my favort app i am like this very easy to use & upload a post earn points its a change nice

How can I enjoy this offer

I am also using esteem application both in windows and android, the application is great there is no need say about it.
BUt I have some issue about the ESTM token, Few days ago I have prompted my post the ESTM token but there is no response of that.

I have commented on your old post but you haven`t reacted on it help me please.

Could you elaborate on your issue, what happened?

  1. Promoting post with ESTM for X days will promote it inside eSteem app and all eSteem users see your post. It is ultimately visibility/exposure tool. We have received some feedback and improving it in future iterations.
  2. Boosting post with ESTM will increase its reward via upvotes.

ok the, I have boosted one of my post using 500 ESTM but there is no upvote or any information that where my 500ESTM are is there any way to see what is the progress of the upvote that I will receive?
I hope now you are cleared of my problem.

Hey @bhattg, boosted posts are reviewed by team of curators and vote will be cast as soon as they finish the review and if post is not posted from eSteem or doesn't meet some checks, ESTM will be refunded automatically in 24 hours. Let us know if you have/had any issues.

OK then thanks a lot @esteemapp for your help.
On now I don`t have any issue.

Can you fix the interface first? The text is getting cut off.

Which interface and where you see text being cut off, if you don't mind elaborating more? Thanks

The Android app is a mess. All the text is getting truncated. See attached. The desktop app is great though.

You are using old version, as I can see, try link on this post and get updated version. And I don't see attached image sorry if you uploaded or included it in your comment. This is what I see.

If you download link from this post you will see that it is v2.2.0 early release of new version. We will announce it soon with final release.

Hi, I downloaded the latest v2.2.0 release. There's still text being cut off (see screenshot).

I would pull down the Legacy app versions from the Google Store too. It's really confusing as to what to install.

I wish you all the best, it's a great service!


Thanks for feedback, really helpful screenshot to find cause of issue! Yes we have taken Legacy version down few days back. Expect new update in couple days and announcement of release officially. If you find anything else, please let us know...🙏

The eSteem app shows up twice in Google Play Store.


v2 will be removed/unpublished after official announcement of v2.2.0. We had to relist app because we are introducing in-app purchase feature to buy ESTM directly from phone. After announcement post, we will remove eSteem v2 listing.

Could you share your device type and android version here or via email: [email protected]?

It's a OnePlus 5, latest Android. The text never properly displayed with all the eSteem app versions. The functionality isn't broken, but it doesn't instill confidence either. I don't believe any other app behaving this way. CSS issue?

Hey, thanks for this update.

I was wondering when will you breathe some life into ESTM token. Now I know.

Good luck with all ESTM related future functionalities, the choice of the engine included :)

Congratulation @good-karma and @esteemapp team for updating the community. The ESTM mining design looks promising and gear towards community building which Steem was conceive for. Looking forward to make eSteem Mobile our daily Steem dApps.

I'm new to Steemit, will they have a link that takes me directly to download the application? It looks like it has many benefits: 3

Here is the link ...
If you want it on PC take exe file :)

This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

Downloading have to try 😍😍

Das sind tolle Neuigkeiten, sowas liest man gerne!
Großartige App, benutze sie täglich und liebe Sie 😊🥰

@esteemapp @good-karma

I've been trying to use the post boost feature on the esteem app but it doesn't seem to be working. I have 2.6k estm tokens and when I try to boost a post nothing happens. It takes me to the steemconnect page and sends a transaction through, but all my tokens are still there and I haven't received any boost.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

eSteem Android App on Google Pixel 2XL running Android 10.

It will deduct within 1 minutes, give it some time. And once balance decreases, our manual curators will review post and boost it.

Gotcha! Thank you!

Btw, keep up the great work. The eSteem appchas come a VERY long way since it's initial release. I hated it at first. It was ugly and had no real benefits. So, I began using Partiko.

But, you guys have turned this app around 180° and the improvements have completely changed my mind and eSteem is now my primary mobile app. Also, being able to buy the eSteem tokens using Google Pay is a great feature. Especially in combination with Google Rewards where you earn Google Play credit for answering really short surveys. I've gotten like $15 of eSteem tokens essentially for free this way and have used them to boost my posts. 😁

Keep up the great work guys!

The only remaining gripe I have is the 10% beneficiary rewards. I understand the point of it, but I just feel it's a bit too high. Especially since I'm assuming y'all are making money selling ESTM tokens. But, no biggie as long as you continue to improve the app.

Are there any plans to add more formatting options to the posting screen? Also, if there's a way you can fix the posting screen with how the content section is displayed when the post title is long that would be a huge improvement. If the title is too long, the content section is only like 2 lines high and it's impossible to highlight selections of text because to do this the keyboard pops up, and as stated, you are only left with like 2 lines of space.

Hope to hear back! Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks for valuable feedback @treepi! ESTM purchase via playstore and appstore is new feature and we are constantly working to improve and evaluate this area so that we could rely less on beneficiary rewards (possibly decrease it).
We realize a lot of our users spend most of their time composing post, so rest assured we are working on improving editor screen for far more better user experience. Stay tuned!

I am impressed with your amazing roadmap as you have planned it nicely and for a long term. I watched recently interview of @good-karma and liked his plans with esteem.
I am using V2 on phone and 2.2 on surfer. You are the only who gave user option to use app on laptop and app is so good. In this post you mentioned about ESTM delegation and I will try it soon.
Such a nice post which deserves more audience. Resteemed it. Thanks

It's awesome . Resteemed ❤

This is awesome

Posted using Partiko Android

What is the respected value of ESTM ?

Initial price is set by us 100 ESTM ~ 1 STEEM. And as we balance scale of supply and demand, value of ESTM will be determined by market and users.

Good opportunities!!

I am going to download it

Posted using Partiko Android

Great news...I love having esteem as my go to source when I am on the go

Wow.. this is a wonderful advancement, especially making mining on mobile phones a possibility. Kudos

you are awesome, i wish it could be possible to open a new tab in esteem windows , it would be great and make works easier

Just used again esteemapp, the letters are too small.
Hope next version can make letters icons can be bigger.

Can you be more specific to help us improve font size? Thanks

It is too thin to look at and small.

Hmm, that's not much of help. Is it post title, content of post, username, numbers? We have set Font size to standard which facebook, reddit and many other social media apps use. If you could be more specific about which font or what phone you are using to check it, it would be helpful. Thanks

Congratulations @esteemapp!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 8 with 1353 upvotes
  • Comments - Ranked 1 with 101 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 179,74

thank you

This sounds really good :)
Keep going!

Good! Finding my way around here, just downloaded the mobile app and learning how it works.

Excellent project, I hope to participate, and continue growing.

I really like the use cases here, especially the promotion part (show your post across many feeds). Good job!

Is using an app really mining?

Yes, it is proof of presence and proof of action. If you are present on app (using), you are basically mining ESTM token. No more CPU, GPU or battery drain minings...

This is my first time to try eSteem app. My first impression: The function looks familiar for me, similar to Steemit. But the text and pic display is not so smooth and clean. I hope I will enjoy this one. Good luck eSteem.

Always try downloading from link on announcement post which will point you to latest release/updated version. How do you want to see pictures and text to be improved?

Probably the time has come to return to eSteem


Dear friend that's very good system and delegate system. Everyday I use steam app. But I have not enough steam power to delegate.future I will try to give my steam power on your account.

Thanks a lot for sharing your useful post

Posted using Partiko Android

Great job! Wondering what the small SP user could get..tge bigger your SP and to delegate, then the more ESTM to earn.
I just use esteem mobile because I get used to it. I'll keep the points for sometimes till I see something needed to be done to help others with it after the HF21... Good Luck everyone!

Every can get profits😍 I can’t breathe😱

Posted using Partiko iOS

I just love the desktop application. I have tested it on an old core2duo computer running linux and I must say impressive!

Wow, this is good news... so everyone should have fun commenting, upvoting and reblogging!

My favorite is post boosting with eSteem Points (ESTM) so far, but the Steem Power delegation for eSteem points (ESTM) also sounds interesting.

Great to hear that you like new changes, we are working on ESTM -> SP delegation part

I think the ESTM token system is great! Will really help lots of content creators once HF21 is in effect and most of us are earning less. Boost will really come in handy!

Thanks for the post.

Thank you for coming with these ideas. It's been a long time since I last used eSteem. You guys have come a long way. Congrats on the progress!

Downloaded the new version. It is completely new look and working smoothly.

Love this! Thanks!

@good-karma is there a way to downvote in esteem surfer?

Obviously I don't want to downvote this post, just want to take advantage of the new downvote mana pool on some other posts.

Good news! Thank you

This is exciting news for all beginners who make only dust or nothing for posts, atleast they get rewarded as estm. It would be wonderful to really be able to promote posts using estm that accumulate over time.

yes, it is already possible, please check latest release post

Wow cool, thanks

Very good job done by you people.I am so happy with this news.

Thanks for sharing this amazing information.

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Learn more here!


Why it say esteem app is not available in my country? I have used it before but now I could not access it. Im from Philippines.

Try downloading from here and remove all other versions:

We have also uploaded APK file directly into our github releases page. Please check there if you still cannot download from PlayStore

This is simply awesome..
Great work guys.
I always knew esteem will do something great with the points

Yesterday I used ESTM points to boost my post but it refunded back my points and didn't boost it. May I know the reason behind it?

Posts submitted from eSteem considered for boosting. If post is already voted by esteemapp then you get refund as well. You can only receive 1 vote every 6 hours so these might be reasons.

And I am not able to promote the post also which I posted just few hours ago.

You should be able to, could you show me screenshot of the issue? Have you tried to search for your post in promote screen? You can also, click on any post 3 dots on top right corner to see more options and promote from there.

What you are doing is very great and I applaud the team....Keep soaring

It is great to see ESTM tokens being distributed jus for simply using the app. Mining has never been this simple!


Great news to read and will feel exited to esteem app and surfer..

Posted using Partiko Android

  ·  last month (edited)Reveal Comment

It is good news.