ESTM mining improvements

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Good day eSteemians,

We wanted to give notice about upgrade we made on ESTM mining algorithm. After our announcement of ESTM token and show casing practical uses of token, we have been monitoring how token is evolving and how engagement is improving. And your feedback has been very valuable!

estm mining

Since, yesterday ESTM mining algorithm was upgraded. Reason for this upgrade was to improve fairness and distribution and at the same time avoid abusive behavior.

We have been listening all your feedback and implemented improvements upon those requests.

Now, ESTM mining is much more robust and fair for everyone. You were early user and tester to enjoy rewards and with new changes, there is dynamic ESTM pool daily for mining, just like STEEM reward pool. We think it will help us to test some parameters and learn more before SMT release so that we can polish and have best aligned incentives.

Together, we build the future!

Delegate Steem Power and mine ESTM Token daily, be early investor:

500 SP |1000 SP |5000 SP |10K SP |20K SP |50K SP |100K SP

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I did notice that having a convo on steem through eSteem give me less and less ESTM tokens.

Which makes sense :D

It has decaying effect but resets daily so you can everyday be active and earn more. Check leaderboard panel inside eSteem apps, we have quite number of users earning good chunk of ESTM through mining.

I already know :p I feel like its a good change, it makes it more balanced :D

I just read your use cases and practical token blog! You have good-karma with you! 😃💪🏼
I love him! I gave him my witness vote as well. Now I know you have some great people on board. I just downloaded the app and will see about delegating some SP later this week.

App looks very clean and premium 👍🏼

Well Done!

I would be glad to rest it out. Let's see :)

Sir @good-karma please check my yesterday @esteemapp post.everyday you are missing my post. Why sir??

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Very good news I love esteem app my favourite app I hope ESTM price is good
My good bless for esteem app

I agree 100% with recurrent upgrades into the system of this great economic which is just emerging... But I'm curious about what exactly this upgrade is all about? The post doesn't make any specific statement about it.

Very good 👍

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way to go, it's nice to use app in my mobile where it's easy to open and to upload photos.

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That's good, giving it more value. Do you adjust boosting/sponsoring too?

Next we will re-evaluate those. Current rate seem ok, any suggestions?

Mh hard to say. I'd like to have some stats on sponsored/general posts to know the impact on esteem apps...

We will try to share some stats later.

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I always have problems receiving upvotes. Do I need to post on the app to receive a vote. Or how long does my post need to be.

All posts published from eSteem apps, will be reviewed by our curators and they will cast a vote accordingly. We everyday try to vote unique authors so that everyone gets a chance. Boosting feature helps you to get higher priority as well as boosted vote. We try to avoid supporting spamming or abusive users. To learn more about our curation process, please join our Discord, link is in post!

Same problem i faces using this app

I post Everyday using this app but not get upvote from author. What can i do?

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I’m going to take a good look at your other posts as this looks like a really good project. Having Steem affiliate or Steem partners to solidify the future of this platform and the users, can only be a good thing.

What rewards do we receive for being an early investor? More eSteem only or are there any other incentives?

Always good to see that the team is seeking to keep ESTEEM ecosystem healthy and nice to keep the adopters informed. Although, can you give some more real life examples about how the system works and how the rewards are granted?

Would you mind elaborating what you mean by real life examples? You are using Surfer and you already see examples, how mining is working right?! Each activity has assigned points and when you do that activity you mine ESTM and total supply of ESTM is limited, check mining post

Good to see you making adjustments!

Good to know that.
Keep up the great work guys. 😀👌

@esteemapp update was necessary to protect against abuse

WOW that's so good.That's why i were thinking why i got only few tokens.I think it is a very good improvement to kill abusive using and also ensure fairness.

thank you, remember decaying effect resets every 24 hours so by being active daily you still mine more ESTM.


That's nice move team. Keep up the good work.

so , estm can be trade right now?

Not yet, once SMT launches, it will be. But you can already use it and gift it to someone, boost and promote posts.

wow. cant wait for it . goodluck team !

what is this?

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.’re soo genius and seems you’re also highly motivated!..thank you for this!..curious to see things growing and being part of it..up!..resteemed!..

Good work!

Does the amount of sp delegated has something to do with share of mining rewards. The bigger the delegation, the bigger the share?

Yes, there is ratio.

This is the best update. Though early adopters might have games the system, there is more to do in future

Great improvement. Thanks to team.