eSteem Surfer Tips #5. Message Encryption

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In this series of posts we are presenting current feature set (hidden gems) that eSteem Surfer is offering. Each post includes GIF animation with explanation to guide a reader through the process of using it. Note that these features are being improved constantly, you might notice some changes/additions in future releases.

eSteem Surfer 1.0.3 update brings memo and comment encryption options. This is our killer feature for now. Because there are no other Steem clients can offer it at the moment. But we hope other developers will implement it to their products soon. This option allows you to send encrypted memo wallet messages or comments which can be read only by you and a person you've sent it. For others it will look as strange numbers and symbols similar to bitcoin wallet codes.

Comments Encryption

  1. Just check the box with Encrypt
  2. Write a comment and that's it
  3. Others will see it as meaningless cipher.
  4. Recipient may read it using eSteem Surfer (for now). No special actions required.


Reading Encrypted comments

Once you get encrypted comment it will be seen like on the screenshot shown below using traditional access to Steem network like or browsing Reply section of eSteem Surfer:


To get it automatically unencrypted for you just open that post with encrypted comments in eSteem Surfer and you will be able to read that:


Memo Encryption

  1. Open your wallet
  2. Choose a coin you want to transfer by sending a memo (STEEM or SBD)
  3. Write your secret memo
  4. Check the Encrypt box
  5. Send

Calling for the Testers

Would you please help us to test this new awesome feature? Just leave encrypted comments here on this post to check how it works. Comments will work as private messages then. So you are welcome to chat with us using this encryption tool in eSteem Surfer (just make sure you're up to date because encryption support started from 1.0.3).

Other Surfer related Tips:

  1. Adding users to favorites
  2. Drafts and Schedules
  3. Signatures Templates
  4. Voting Perentage

If you are looking for Feature set posts for eSteem Mobile, check the latest post here.

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When will the eSteem app aquire the same feature? Fantastic to hear you have developed this feature. Keep up the good work!

A good post

This posting about esteem surfer tips is important for me

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Cool feature! Only I do not understand why needed to encrypt comments? :)


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Unencryption works only in between two who are in the conversation so only you two can read that.

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поставил спецом новый сёрфер что бы прочитать это. Вот только несмотря на галочку Encrypt у меня не шифрует ((

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this is very good information, hopefully the esteem will be more advanced and continue to expand to all continents.

success is always for you @esteemapp, I always support you.

Thanks you for tips. I LOVE ESTEEM.

Thanks good information, success for you,,

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Yes @esteemapp keeps getting better and good. I will check it now and bring feedback. Good work, I really appreciate it

gracias por la informacion,saludos

Wow @esteemapp keeps getting better and better. I would go check it up now and bring feedback. Nice work guys!

This is very cool @good-karma
works fine on my laptop :)

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

Very cool! Does ESteem have control of the keys or can we change them if needed?

keeps getting better and better. I would go check it up now and bring feedback.

As long as those changes can lead us to a better direction, I would strongly agree

that's very Awesome @esteemapp . . . always do the best for this community , thanks so much


Thanks for information. Please take a minute and check out my blog, I transleted your post in Indonesian language. Thanks for your attention.

The first time we @geuchik community thank you @ good-karma because you have helped us (small fish) spread all over the world, the help you give us is very useful to us and we are very happy, everyday you teach us so we can grow in steemit. We hope that you are always in good health and always support us. thank you. 👍👍👍

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This article is important for me

Good article

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Anyway, great job. Encrypted comments are totally new to me.

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great share all the beast

Wow a tons of loaded information and latest updates great initiative sir.

I am delighted you have begun this offering as it is highly prized and is valueable to everyone on steem. When will you be adding this feature to your mobile applications? Your contributions are most appreciated, SteemOn!

another useful information... Thank you sir @good-karma for everything... 😘😘😘

my best thanks especially for @good-karma about everything so far

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