eSteem Surfer Tips #1 - Adding users to Favorites

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Note this one:
Favorites option allows you to bookmark any user account so you can quickly find it later. Suppose you are following a lot of great users but out of that numbers you might have some really special ones so you can bookmark them.

really the estemap says, I agree.

I have been using esteem app for a long time now. And all thanks to them i have been receiving good upvotes from @esteemapp and @good-karma. But recently i dont receive upvotes anymore. I dont know if i have been innocently blacklisted. I dont plaglariaze and i meet up to the rules and regulations. I hope i am forgiven if i broke any rule

pogram a very good. to facilitate the mobile phone users. thank you @good-Karma has been easier our mobile users

@esteemapp always do best one for us..
it improves day by should be helpfull for all steemina..thank you of luck.

it is great news for all steemian. keep it up

a very useful program and i am very amenable and supportive my friend,,@esteemapp

Dear friends @esteemapp, what does this mean:

Looks like an autonomous change on settings, or I'm wrong? This appears on Busy' activity screen after publishing a post from your app (used on Linux). Thanks in advance, I'm a new user.

Great post @esteemap thanks for adding another feature to the esteemapp

Congratulation esteemapp! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 20min with 68 votes.
Thanks to @souldelas.

@esteemapp nice I love and always wear @esteemapp

This is a remarkable increase in steemit now through the application of esteem.
I am very happy and proud to be able to use esteem and can get to know the world through esteem.
hopefully fore forward more steemit and esteem in the world.
Good job my senior

Awai thaat trok neuh

Wah beu awai kali nyo.
So teupu na raseuki keu urou raya.

Atra 100 steem nyan ju keu baje manek-manek ma si agam

nyan droeneuh

That jioh neujak gure ??

Saya sangat suka di saat anda membuat sesuatu postingan.yang sangat luar biasa..bahkan semua steemian.tidak ada yang tidak suka..kamu semua orang yang paling hebat.

Thank you dear

thank you for this very helpful information

Thanks, for the quickness the eSteem app is great when you’re on the go and don’t have the time to log into a full client.

Very Great. esteemapp more perfect. success always for #esteemapp

I wasn't a fan of the original software. It was too buggy, but this latest update has brought me back! Thank you for making so many improvements. This makes writing for the Steem platform so much easier.

With this thing, no need for any particular site anymore to interface with Steem; all of the different ones get rather confusing; with just one amazing application.

Thanks for mentioning Esteem app. Kindly join our Discord or Telegram channels to learn more about Esteem, don't miss our amazing updates.
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