eSteem Surfer Tips #1 - Adding users to Favorites

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Note this one:
Favorites option allows you to bookmark any user account so you can quickly find it later. Suppose you are following a lot of great users but out of that numbers you might have some really special ones so you can bookmark them.

really the estemap says, I agree.

I have been using esteem app for a long time now. And all thanks to them i have been receiving good upvotes from @esteemapp and @good-karma. But recently i dont receive upvotes anymore. I dont know if i have been innocently blacklisted. I dont plaglariaze and i meet up to the rules and regulations. I hope i am forgiven if i broke any rule

pogram a very good. to facilitate the mobile phone users. thank you @good-Karma has been easier our mobile users

@esteemapp always do best one for us..
it improves day by should be helpfull for all steemina..thank you of luck.

it is great news for all steemian. keep it up

a very useful program and i am very amenable and supportive my friend,,@esteemapp

Dear friends @esteemapp, what does this mean:

Looks like an autonomous change on settings, or I'm wrong? This appears on Busy' activity screen after publishing a post from your app (used on Linux). Thanks in advance, I'm a new user.

Great post @esteemap thanks for adding another feature to the esteemapp

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