oh great, testing it right now for linux :) I like it!

This is a great improvement. Just updated and will try it out and give more feedback in an article form

ready update. thanks @esteemapp. its cool.

This is awesome I've been crying out for spell checker for so long, having to copy and paste into grammarly to check has been a pain. Really going to put it through its paces over the next few weeks :) thanks for the update

Keep it going.. loving this :)

Yeah! Emojis!! 😜😤 👊

Just upgraded mine loving the added boost in performance

Thanks for mentioning me. Since I'm done of proof reading with dakeshi who is Korean translator, I really enjoy using esteem V2. It's really user friendly app!

Something is wrong with the notifications, it just shows me 1 notification repeated multiple times.

Highly rEsteemed!


@esteemapp is my first choice for surfing the Steemit-verse! Thanks for this great browser - Really appreciate all your team has done.

Just upgraded my esteem now looking swanky and clean, hopefully this speed update lasts lol. Looking forward to testing it out and the new features

upgraded ..thank you😁

Hmmm, it's a wonder how the latest changelogs can be added to this post even if it's a year old. Is there a secret to editing old posts past 7 days? 😮 🤔

😊 Edit post is possible no matter the post age. It was added 1 hardfork before. You can try it on eSteem Surfer or Mobile.

Oh I see. I didn't know. Hahaha. And here I thought it's forever not editable. Hurray! I can remove all my defunct links and such.

I've been using the eSteem app for a long time, and really like and appreciate it. Thank you for continuing to improve it.

However, there is a feature that I used in earlier versions that I am having trouble finding now? That feature was the ability to review earlier, edited versions of posts to see the "history" of how a post was developed and edited on the blockchain.

I would really be grateful if you could point out how I can access that feature now? If it is really no longer part of eSteem, could you please restore it in the next release?

Thanks very much in advance.



Awesome!!! And you get the font thing fixed too!! I love love love this update!!

Yes, thank you! Let us know if you find some other issues ;)

Need to try the post promotion. Nice news on the 2.2 version!

Smooth install. Looks better than previous version.

I am start working with it.

oh great another update make performance better