Congrats to all winners especially my sister and friend @shikika

Thanks dear! 😀 Soon you'll be on the list! 😀

Amen. But not too easy because the app is a bit slow on my phone because of the too many apps on my phone.

This is the big reason I cannot post in Esteem Surfer. How will this be fixed?

Whenever that happens to me I just save the draft, log out, and log back in again. It usually happens when I've been logged in on the app for white awhile but hadn't used it for awhile.

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Congratulation for all.i am trying to add this list in next

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Thank you eSteem and congratulation to the winners!

Yay! Congrats to you @erikah!

Thank you, congratulations to you too! :)

Congrats 😊

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Congratulations to all winners!

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Congratulations all

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Thank you so much @esteemapp! 😀 You are awesome! 😀 Congrats to my brother @nante! You did it!
Congratulations to all winners! Cheers!
Bright blessings to us all! 😀
Happy New Year! 😀💖😘

Congrats to you! Nice posts! Happy New Year!

Thank you. Congrats to you, too. 😀 Happy New Year! 😀😘

Many thanks for your wonderful support @esteemapp. I'm very grateful. Congratulations to all achievers for this month. All the very best everyone for 2019.

Wow, @trudeehunter! Nicely done! Congrats to you!

Thank you Melinda. I certainly wasn't expecting that wonderful Christmas present. Congratulations to you too for your impressive and consistent achievements. You're a great role model.

Awww. thanks! So are you! It does go to show that it pays to be a loyal eSteem @esteemapp user!

Absolutely Melinda! I really love esteem and I'm loving the new spell check. It makes posting so much easier.

Thanks so much @esteemapp! Congrats to everyone on the Leaderboard! @janton You are the King of Comments and I love seeing your hard work rewarded here.

howdy esteemapp! wow, thank you so much for the reward and for creating such a great platform to use! Congratulations to everyone who made it to the leaderboard and especially to melinda010100 who helped me achieve a large number of comments!

@janton I can't even begin to imagine how many comments you will be able to make once your new computer arrives this week.

howdy again Melinda! you know what? I may do less commenting, not sure but I'll be able to do more faster and catch up so I'll have more time freed up to do other things. I don't think I'll press on and do more commenting.

There is certainly no reason for you to do MORE!

Cool .... I hope all are happy who get something and they all like this year end :))
Lets make this new next year more big :)

Many thanks for your awesome support @esteemapp. I'm very grateful and honored to be on this list with all these great friends i have on eSteem , congratulations to all you guys and all the very best everyone for 2019 and especially to @good-karma and your awesome team :)

Nice way to be ending the year thanks again @esteemapp :)

Congrats to you, my friend! I love seeing your name here!

Thank you my friend this is good to see , i see Sir Janton up there again god bless him he must be really bored on that range :)

He is undisputedly the King! 🏆

No doubt about that have a wonderful new year my friend :)

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Thsnks, @pennsif! And I do appreciate all the work you put into SOS.

Good work everyone!

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