The experience has been worthwhile so far!
Proud esteemian ❤️

Long time no see karma...

good news!
i may apply to this , will think about it 😄

I like this program, thank you to @good-karma

I'm not active enough to take part in this (I don't have internet access everyday) but I love that you choose 2 people to curate every month. It encourages community building~

I have previously applied but probably didn't get any feedback.

Love you guys.
Keep up the good work.

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Hey @esteemapp, I have filled out the form that was pinned at #-curator-internship a few minutes ago.

Hopefully I can be considered to be part of a great team ... I can't wait for the next announcement ...😁

A proud esteemian, will try this soon, hope to qualify

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Hey check my last post!

I like this program



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