Going great, you guys are awesome.
@good-karma definitely on my voting list.

I would like to apologize to you and also to thank all visitors who have visited my writing and who have supported and participated to my blog in an intentional or perverted way, with your positive comments very helpful to my writing in the future. :)

Do not you have pc software?

I don't understand why I'm not getting any Upvotes.
I used to but not anymore, why is that?

I have been using a new surfer from esteem, it is very happy I use it.

great initiatives. I always love the updates and development by you @good-karma.

This post is awesome

so much great work done..
its an achivement...
go ahead @esteemapp

I am very happy, this good post

success is always @good-karma, I really like the esteem application, and hopefully you are fine, happy to join you mr good-karma.

Until now, I concluded that esteem app is the best and always serve the best too.
Terimakasih to feruz and all esteem team. 😍

Good work for the new application.Its much easier now to subscribe.

you are doing great with the app

i am regular user of it, always wishes for it best

muy buen post me encanta

Nice to join esteem mr @esteemapp

Thank you for the wonderful effort and I will be your followers and wait for you more Your new friend Hussein

I just started using esteem app, I am trying to make the best of it :)

Thank you for all the good ideas you have for us. Thank you for investing so well, that's a lot of work, is not it?

how to change the percent amount for upvote in the new esteem app.
I did not find it, please help me.
thank you @esteemapp

when you click the little upvote arrow a slider appears.

You don't even have to click the button. Just hover the mouse cursor to the upvote button and wait for the couple of seconds.

thank you, I already understand.

good info, I really appreciate the hard work @esteemapp about projetc that is useful for us, thank you I like and keep following you. success is always for you

a very helpful application for the steemit that is working.

You guys are doing a great job communicating what is going on! Thank you for all the tips and information on how to use all the features so that we can take full advantage of all the tools you are giving us!😃

Thanks esteemapp, I really enjoy using esteem surfer 1.0.2 and I am very satisfied

Verry good your post.i like it becouse a motivation for steemian. I hope your support .thank you.

Wow it's great that this is a great opportunity for all newcomers to get feedback, thanks for making it easier for us as newcomers to work

wow, I am very happy with eSteem that is getting more advanced and more successful with very good programs and concrete. greetings success from me to witnes @good-karma.

I love this project!

Extremely good work.
this should be our appreciation and we support with whatever needs.
Thanks for share this post my senior

you worth so much on steem blockchain. you helped so many people here. thank you so much @esteemapp and @good-karma

This is the first mobile app on top of Steem! eSteem offers several unique features (Bookmarking, Post Drafts, Image upload / capture, Personal Gallery, Notifications, Activity manager, more tweaks, features) for mobile users.

Very good appreciative progress on this month welldone eteem team and @good-krma

I am new member in esteem please support me mr @good-karma

So glad it was decided to do a monthly recap post! There is information and links that I'm sure I would've otherwise missed out on, if not for this recap. Thank you very much, I found so many useful links that I can use and need, it will take me an entire day to follow through with them all:)
I hope and would like for the recaps to continue, I will read them monthly. Weekly recaps might be handy as well, especially with so many new Steemians, plus the many, many new projects and changes happening now!
As for me, I probably would not read a monthly email newsletter, only because with all the social apps and platforms, I only use email if I have to anymore; verification purposes usually.
A link or reminder when the latest newsletters are posted would be nice; such as on Twitter, Sola, Telegram, Facebook, Discord, etc. Again, thank you for taking the time to research, write, and post this. It was not unappreciated whatsoever:)

This is very great post
I must appreciate for your sharing @esteemapp
And you are so lucky that @good-karma always visit your blog you always get a vote and resteem from him....

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