eSteem Mobile Tips #21. Payout types

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In this series of posts, We will present current feature set (hidden gems) that eSteem is offering. And details and usage of presented features. Each post will include gif animation and its explanation to guide reader through the process of using it. Note that these features are being improved constantly, you might notice some changes/addition in future releases.

What's eSteem

Learn more about project in eSteem FAQ post here.

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eSteem also allows you to change your post payouts. Simply access advanced menu under the post submission field and click on slide menu on the right from the upvote button just as shown in the animation above. There are three payout types: Default - 50% of payout goes to Steem Dollars and 50% to Steempower; Power up - 100% of the payout goes to your Steempower; Decline Payout - 0% of the payout goes to you.

Thank you to my brother @pjo for helping out with recording animations!

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All future posts related to eSteem feature set will be tagged as #esteem-features.

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good app.

I have this app but never really spent much time on it. I have seen it now and now I know that the developers are serious about it. I will start using it too. I always just checked the posts etc, but never logged in with my own account. I will take it into serious account now

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thanks for the information we are very happy to see the development of this application.👍👍👍

thanks for the information we are very happy to see the development of this application.👍👍👍

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