eSteem London Cryptocurrency Show overview

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Very good

My big fans 👍👍👍👍👍

It was a total pleasure to have you there fil. You are a great credit to the eSteem project, and @good-karma made a great choice sending you! I hope to see you again real soon dude!!!

Sorry I didnt see you there Fil! was a great presentation, I saw, I am looking forward to getting you the finished video, for your team to use as promotional material soon!

Hey Matt! I was thinking if I saw you actually or not. So if I will write you that I haven't seen you there and you will say hey man actually we met :))) but seems I was right... Really sorry to miss you somehow. Where have you been? :)

I was on the main stage in the morning moderating the expert panels. then in the afternoon i was around the stand and around the show, so I probably missed you. I was in the bar afterwards, but i think you had left by then. I do hope it was all worth it anyway ;)

Oh I see! Yeah, I've left earlier. Well maybe we'll meet on the next event somwhere in Europe this year :) It was absolutely worth it! Spasibo tebe!

Bez problyem! Na Sledushaya!

Thanks a lot for everything again, Dylan! Was really happy to meet you too! I am sure we will meet soon :) Maybe during next @steemfest ;)

Great post..
I love eteemapp..
this is very good @ good-karma. with the development of this new application ksmi easier and convenient in using it. hopefully this esync can be useful for us ssmua like esteem that you make for friend of steemit....

The amazing your post,i support,good job my brother,@esteemapp upvote @love-peace

Are you from London? Yeah, this is exactly how it looked like when eSteem was there :)

Yeah North London :P

@esteemapp i use esteemapp and my witness give just you

Thank you, we really appreciate that! ❤️

Congratulations for meeting you with great people in steemit. i am looking forward to a video from seniors @starkerz

It is evident that Fil @dunsky had a great time and did very well with the presentation. Congratulations to the esteem management.

It must have been a great show and we all are happy for the great presentations about steemit delivered there.

Thanks mister @esteemapp
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I really like this post.

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Great presentation.

Wow, This is very good.

the booth looks great 👍as well as those presentation materials, nice work

Yeah, everything was shining there. Well... At least on the photos 😅 thank you for your compliments!

Good friends

wow, this is very amazing, very steady...

Succes for all steemians

Sukses for eSteem

Hi @good-karma
I'm Looking at if your bot vote esteem is problematic.

Check it out!!

Yes, we're fixing that. Thanks!

Thanks for the important information, am glad to know this, this will improve steemit. Welcome to the community.

@esteemapp | I expect such a moment, one day I can find in Indonesia

You can organize such an event in Indonesia :)

Hola, y como puedo organizar ese tipo de eventos en mi País Perú (América latina) y en español y de allí ir aumentando la reputación de Steem, no tengo de los fondos necesarios, Ustedes apoyan como los masternodes de Dash? Espero tu respuesta y si me envias a mi correo mejor mail: [email protected]

I will follow up, but I first need to coordinate this with some people in our community. Hopefully will soon be realized

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my motivation @ good-karma ,, you are very amazing ,, hopefully i can be more than you .. greetings from me. @ wendi12

very good and steady application. success always eSteem sweet greetings I make @good-karma and make his good friends.

Love this posting

wow... most amazing site esteem.

hallo friend howare you? I've posted an article then try to read feasible or not to be reacted in steemit ?: from @ fauzan11

esteemapp always show the best posts, Greetings comrade

Cryptocurrencies is the best ..!
Good job :)

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I voted you [email protected] because your ideas are unique , your a cool guy and your innovation helps a beginner like me . And esteem is a greet app , I can use it with a very friendly feature . I am a fan of yours thanks :)

esteemapp always appreciate us to more using steemit, we are also happy to as followers of steemapp . Tanks steemapp for your kindly consideration to new steemit user.

Great posting..
We always support you...@good-karma

I will take this app to post my activities in steemit. Thank for @good-karma and @eateemapp team

I am an app user of esteem @good-karma. Hopefully you are willing to visit my blog occasionally. Regards

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Ilove esteem app it's really an supporting application

Best steemit

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest @esteemapp

I didn’t see you there but glad you had a great time! Seemed impossible to see everyone

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Thanks for report. We're fixing that.

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