eSteem Android 2.2.3 - Steem like a Pro

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Update downloaded.
App no longer opens.
Greetings from @bitandi

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Google Playstore seem to have issue with our bundled package, we are fixing it now.

This is great news.

Sounds more awesome

Will definitely download it

Let us know, what feature surprised you, as we mentioned some things are left for surprise 😊

Congrats!!! 🙌
I can't wait for iOS release :)
I have got few more strings that need translation but I will get it done today.

Great, thank you! We will announce, once iOS update is ready 😉

Translation is done! If I see translation errors, should I reach out to you in discord channel or something?
But anyway, good job guys!!!

Yes, you can reach out in any of our channels. Note, this version won't have your last changes yet. But next iterations will have, we plan on doing regular updates. Thank you for your support and contribution!

desktop kind of updated too or not really? :D

Desktop update is almost ready, we will release it in few days as well

sweet as i prefer my keyboard ;)

Wow new update

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Got it. Downloaded. Thanks. I'll let you know about any bugs if i find them.

By the way, diatamacious earth is good for getting rid of bugs. It can also be very supportive for human health if ingested in the right amounts. Have you tried it?
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I updated it and the app doesn't open. 😟

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Google Playstore seem to have issue with our bundled package, we are fixing it now.

ok thank you ☺️

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This is rapid growth for esteem.
@esteemapp keep up the good work

I downloaded, but now the app will not open, just hangs on the opening screen. How do i clear app data (as you advise to do above)?

Google Playstore seem to have issue with our bundled package, we are fixing it now.

Great. thanks (as despite deleting app data it still wont open)

Same for me...😭

Awesome, will check it out :)

You guys don't give up! I love your tenacity and commitment. I will now go and give it a try again. I am sure you will eventually wrech me away from my beloved Partiko lol ;-)

Give it few hours, before new update is available all over the world on PlayStore servers. 😉

Gonna download it tomorrow with Wifi 😝

Oh! I am loving it! The new font is wonderful!

Hi there. Update downloaded and install. Currently using the new version and it felt great. Love the new look. When you included new language does it meant, a translator? Where I can use to translate other writing into english so I can read?

We have community translators who is helping and earning ESTM bounty for their translations. Come join us:

Just like in the old version, after I exit the application and want to open it again, it remains locked in the start screen.
The problem I solve by closing the application from the list of active in Android and then opening it again. Am I the only one facing this problem?

Are you sure you are using 2.2.3 version? Can you share screenshot or record of the issue? We noticed this happens on some devices during first launch, after that it starts to work flawlessly. Is it happening everytime or only on first launch after you installed the update?

Yes, I m sure I m using 2.2.3 version from Google Play because I just updated to newer version.I m using an s8+ with latest updates.
It haens everytime when I open aplication.


interesting, have you tried to clearing app data or reinstalling fresh?

Problem persists even after I clean all data.
I also reinstalled because of probem with G Play.


S8+ with what version of Android? So we can test and push update if necessary

Android 9. Last update on 01 11 2019


Thanks, we will check!

Just to recheck, Can you go to PlayStore and make sure you don't see Update option on eSteem app? It will ensure that you are using latest version, because we pushed 2 updates yesterday and one of them was broken. Also did you try restarting app couple times?

We just tested app on multiple S8 and S9 devices, all tests seem to work fine.


My eSteem iOS app is just updated too!!!
Looks pretty good 🥳

I have been using Steemit more willingly since eSteem

This new app looks very cool, I'm happy that I use it every day. 😋👌👌👌👌 I try find more friends who start use it.

I love the new release and made a short post about it.
Thank you for all your efforts and constant improvement!
I can't wait my working time to finish so I can explore the app more.

Great, appreciate the feedback!

I love the app and with the new release it is even easier to use it.

Hey, I just wanted to say the new update's awesome. Without a doubt it's faster & the design feels much sleeker. I see that you included the 'free esteem spinner' but I can't seem to locate it. Where might I find it?

Easter egg hunt for you 😍 Hint: ESTM related page and get ESTM

Thank you! Found it & will be checking back again in 24hrs

this version is better then before.

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@esteemapp Hey such a nice and informative post!!!! Love to go through such posts. Really interesting!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Wish you luck =)
Keep going✌
Good luck for your future articles!!! Keep steeming and one last thing that I would really appreciate and feel good if you go through my content and give your review!!! Thanks 😊 @esteemapp

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