How to enter and make a post on hive???

With latest version 2.2.5 of Esteem, mobile and desktop app.,

I no longer understand Esteem, there is no support, I have tried to make a post ,, I will try again on Esteem, but my work has never been appreciated in the past.

What is happening with the eSteem Points (ESTM)?
The last time I earned eSteem Points (ESTM) was 11 hours ago, but I am constantly using eSteem Surfer 2.2.2 to upvote and comment posts. I even wrote a post. Why am I not earning eSteem Points (ESTM)?

ESTM points can be earned only with 2.2.5 and onward. Please update to latest version.

hardwork pays
These people deserve some 👏👏

Just a question.
Newly created accounts still can’t log in via esteem mobile app right?
Because I put it on my laptop and from there I had no problems.
Thanks in advance!
Great work @esteemapp team!
Instant account will bring more people definitely!
I’m just waiting for that issue to be fixed so I can start working on calling my friends here..
Because so far was so complicated for everyone to start using steem, so I hope once this is ruining will make our life way easier;)

Please use latest 2.2.5 version to be able to post. Newly created accounts cannot login into Steem because they are created on Hive chain.

Buenas , tengo una pregunta por qué no no recibo notificaciones ? Por qué están inactivas?

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