I don't get it @esteemapp
This says you mentioned me in a comment, yet
In your own app, this isn't showing (I refreshed several times)
So thanks for the mention, it IS appreciated, just
Confusing, that's all. 😊

Above screenshot is from steempeak? It doesn’t say comment, it is in post isn’t it?!

That screen shot was from my Notification Drop down in Steempeak, and it says you mentioned me (I SWEAR it said in a comment), but I guess I jumped the gun.
My appologizes then @esteemapp

@wakeupkitty look you are in the top. Yeah.. that goes the right way.

Thanks so much for the feature! I love these lists and often see one or two eSteemians that I have never interacted with.

I missed again.
Tomorrow is another day

Hola @esteemapp.

Tu Publicación Ha Sido Votada Manualmente Al 100%.

Hi @esteemapp.

Your publication has been voted manually at 100%.

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