Why are all the pictures blurry?

Because we don’t want to take credit for our user’s pictures, if you are interested to post you can always open them via link and see original picture and content.

Ok, I thought it might be a glitch do to trons shit witnesses

No it is not related, we just feature posts without taking credit for it, that’s all!

Is it a good time to delegate to esteem?

Yes, anytime is good! 🙂 After delegation 2nd day you will start generating/mining ESTM.

Will it help more people see my posts? I feel like nobody knows I exist right now lol I have 7800 sp

Thank you for the support ❤️ I know timing to run a giveaway isn’t the greatest but a distraction in the trying times for those whom needed it is always a good idea 😇

Hey @esteemapp, I boost my post on 2500pts and don't have normal upvote value. Please check my post blog/@tempravis/kak-novichku-zarabotat-na-kriptovalyute

We have lost some delegations and Voting Power declined quite a bit. Please use smaller amount for boosts until VP recovers.

We just sent you 2000 ESTM...

Thank you, once again, for your mention and support.

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