His cross becomes our cross

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We who are Christians have died with Christ. The whole New Testament shows us that every Christian has died with Christ. Romans 6 informs us
that “our old man was crucified with him” (v. 6). Galatians 2 states
categorically that “I have been crucified with Christ” (v. 20). In the
same letter, it affirms that “they that are of Christ Jesus have
crucified the flesh with the passions and the lusts thereof” (5:24).
The Bible teaches that we Christians were crucified with Christ. In
other words, the cross of Calvary is the Christian’s cross; the cross of
Christ is the Christian’s cross. The starting point for a Christian is the
cross, not just the cross of Christ but one’s own cross too. As we
receive the cross of Christ, His cross becomes our cross. He who has
not accepted the fact of the cross is not a Christian. To him who has
become a Christian, the cross of Christ has also become a fact that
is, he has died in Christ.


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