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For those of you who are heartbroken because they have just been cut off (or sent) with a boyfriend, they will be upset and easily baper every time they remember their ex, a little starts stalking sosmed and the life of him, whether he already has a new boyfriend (kepo), or instead you still hope to turn it around. It's a bit of a joke that it's fine-fine, but if you have started a long-term plan or can't move on from it, it can be a bad habit that will damage your love relationship in the future with other people. A fatal mistake that is often done when someone wants / wants to move on is to directly find a new boyfriend as an outlet. If the reason you are dealing with someone just because you are afraid of being alone / single, you really make terrible choice, first people tend to lack respect for those who easily move their hearts in an instant, especially if the person is looking for a boyfriend just as an outlet to show off to his ex ( tacky revenge), a heart case is not a game, you might be able to find someone else just to "get moving" so as not to be impressed alone but the most important thing is not the appearance outside but what you feel inside yourself. Indeed, the fastest way to treat a broken heart is to fall in love with a new person, but this only applies if we really like / love the person, not at the stage of "trying to love" especially if we tend to dislike but still impose the relationship is only for outlet, what will happen is a short-term relationship that is bad (and ends up breaking up) which in turn makes a negative image of yourself as a girlfriend. It's much better to survive (even if it's not comfortable) in solitude, still be a quality single and enjoy your own time well. So avoid the thought of going out directly / connecting with other people when you just broke up (at least give a time lag), now imagine if you see a man / woman who is dating right away after just breaking 2-3 days from his ex, then after a few more months to break up, and the next 2-3 days find a new boyfriend again, do you want to have a boyfriend who is easy going and forgets his (ex) girlfriend like that?


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