Natural Medicine : Coconut water is MEDICINE!

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I can say 99% people love to drink young coconut water and it fleshes, I have no doubt because it so fresh especially with ice, lemon and sugar. But some people just drink it for refreshing the day and I use this fresh coconut for healthy purpose. There are a lot of benefit of the young coconut water and it fleshes as the natural medicine, especially for kids and 100% guarantee that they will love to drink it for medical purpose.



For fever



Take the tender jelly flesh of the young coconut, mix it with fresh yellow egg, and give a few drops of lemon, it will be able to cure the fever in short time. The other way is mix the jelly flesh of coconut with honey, it also able to help fever and typhus. I still remember when I was a child, my mom used to give me young coconut flesh with honey or yellow egg if I got very sick.


For Vertigo



If you are a hard worker and your office works make you feel dizziness and headache, you may have had vertigo, you need to pay attention before it get to serious problem. A very simple way of curing the vertigo is by drinking young coconut water, but please do not add anything else. And you can eat the jelly flesh as well.



Coconut water is also good to clean our system from toxin from our food or from the air, a glass of coconut water a day is the best option for detoxification. It is also good to clean our kidney and help to make our hearth getting stronger.



Diarrhea is sometime caused by the toxin in the system, and sometime is can be followed by vomit. Drinking coconut water can help to support our system from lack of liquid and ions. It helps to stop diarrhea and replace the ions and liquids.





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I am consuming coconut water regularly to reduce the allergic effect of eating seafood and chocolate, I love seafood so much, but I will definitely get itchy on my lips and my eyes after eating any kind of seafood. But, consuming coconut water will help reduce the itchy.
Alright, these all I knew about the benefit of young coconut, these are base on my experience too. I wish we can share much more of our knowledge of natural medicine around us. Wish You all the best.

With my best regard


Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

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Hey, thanks for this addition to the Natural Medicine community!

Coconut water sounds really beneficial, and it would be a simple way to add in food as medicine and medicine as food!


Hi, I agree with you @naturalmedicine "Food as medicine and medicine as food", May I use the natural medicine logo or banner in my post?


Oh yes, please do! We love for folks to spread the word :)

Young coconuts are awesome but hard to get in the UK. I tried them many times during my visits to the Philippines.


Yes, I think because the climate is really different in UK, I remember my friend from UK came to Aceh, and he enjoyed young coconut any time he found the people sell it along the road side. I would be very happy to have you visit Aceh @slobberchops

I never drank water from fresh coconut. Thanks for the post, I didn’t even know that coconut is so useful.


fresh young coconut is really delicious drink, especially the jelly flesh. the flesh is just like Nata de coco drink. If you visit Asian Country you will definitely find it with cheap price.

I Love It bang @el-nailul ... coconut water without add Anything else..😍😊

Dear can I please have one RIGHT NOW


I love to send it if you are in the area, I think you should have a trip to Indonesia someday @brittandjosie.


I plan to come and if i do i hold you to you promise we Will have a coconut together

Oh I love coconut water, it has to be shipped really far to reach me though, so although I love it it would be better to e drinking something that is found locally. I have often dreamt of living somewhere that coconuts grow. All my girls love the water too and yes it is so nutritious, thank you for teaching me more of it's wonderful qualities xxx


This the wonderful of steemit community, we can share something that we never know each other, yes you can find something else with simmilar, but I think you can find kind of palm fruit, mostly it has similar quality, you may have something like Nipah sp or Borassus flabellifer it has really nice taste water and in flesh when it still young

I use a lot of coconut oil It is good for a lot of things.


Yes, coconut oil is very healthy and in can be used for many purposes. Coconut oil is one of my favorite too, I made it myself sometime, but it take long time cooking process though.

So nice to know. I knew it was very hydrating, but I had no idea about all the other things you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!


I believe that most of the things grow around us have it wonderful benefit to us, we just need to find out what is that for, wish you all the best @senorcoconut


Yeah I guess it's true everywhere... many things have medicinal benefits or some kind of health benefit!!!

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you very much @steemitbloggers and @jaynie

Cool! I didn't know coconut water was so good for you


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it is so good, beside the taste is so nice to enjoy so nice to see the new banner of our community

Some really wonderful tips in here @el-nailul never tried green coconut before, normally when we do see them they are fully ripened.



In many country, it is difficult to see the young coconut, in coastal area you can find the fresh one, even the young green coconut. You may find it when you have vacation to coastal area my friend @joanstewart.

Yum! I don't often get fresh coconut, but the chances I have it is quite delicious! I knew a lot of its wonderful healing properties, but I had never heard about it helping to relieve the itching from those allergies! Very neat to learn something new!


yes, it help me to relieve the itching after consuming seafood, and it help to reduce bad cholesterol as well.

I love coconut water so much! I don't really care for the rest of the plant though.

Lovely that you have access to those young coconuts.
I love the way the coconut water hydrates ( I buy it in jugs for we can't buy it fresh) but didn't know about all the other health benefits.
I think there is something to be said of using your local foods adapted to your environment. We have a lot of wild berries growing around us.

I really like coconut water, but it is somewhat hard to find in the states and usually comes in a can.

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I love it. We do not have it here and when you do find it, it is very expensive so it is more of a treat for me sometimes. I did not know about the help with itchiness, that is good to know!


Owh...sorry, I hope you can enjoy it when you visit the coastal area or somewhere that you can find coconut easily @zen-art