Unique Fish That Can Tie The knot

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Unique Fish That Can Tie The knot


Unique Fish That Can Tie Knots - Sharks are one of the most difficult animals to observe. At the shelter, his behavior is changed because of the condition of the narrow place, the planned diet, and human interaction. In the wild, there is little observable behavior and surface. In the depths of the ocean, where sharks tend to hang around, too dark to observe them.Even if they allow us to get close, it actually happens by accident.

As a result, there are many things we do not know about sharks. One of the most interesting mysteries is the way they give birth. In many species of sharks, the egg grows in the female body for months, until finally it gives birth to a perfect shark child and immediately able to live independently.

But in some species, the female shark puts a bag of eggs, known as mermaid purse on the seafloor. Some sharks even put the egg bag on coral corals on the seabed and tie the pockets using a kind of yellow thread that is inferred by complicated ties. The deep sea diver who once saw the mermaid wallet described it as a silver transparent pouch. In fact, you can see baby sharks squirm inside. But how can a shark make a knot in the bag? Until now, we really do not know how.

If you want to see what the shark boy looks like and shape, please watch the following video.

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