Fun Things Meet Up. No More 'Silence' Moments Meet Up Esteem Official

in esteem •  last year  (edited)


Usually, aka call tone to get together with friends. Even if not once a week, you will take the time to simply exchange stories when everyone had time to make a meeting.

But what often happens is, you more often bow your head as though silence. Not to pray, ironically, when later met in one table, even busy with his own gadgets. Instead of chatting.

Well, so kongkow with your friends can be more qualified, you can do these exciting things that will Hipwee discuss this time. Let you not 'keep silent' continues because most of the mobile phone.


Exchanging news today is mandatory. Especially if you have not met. Do not you want to know how the lives of your friends? About your current gebetan friend, sure you do not kepo?

Try outin one , then clustered while the coins of social media accounts steemit. Because usually, this gathering event is a moment to look for new thing about steem and blockchain others. Hehehe.

As a child of contemporary, of course there is less if not selfie to be posted on social media. Indeed, the shots can be updated on your social media account, but the excitement still feels lacking.

Why do not you try to excite new things with your best friend? Play a new hoverboard for you, can be tried together. In the midst of this excitement, if you want to capture in the photo, so it feels more memorable later. Fit for you the gadget freak, again there is a lottery.

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