Your dumb people

in #esteem6 years ago (edited)

You TV until age 35 when he owned a cassette will have no mercy on you.

When you fail to compete in the markets where the competitors will give you sympathy through out. The shoes on a child, no one in the business world.

Just like when the money broke. Nobody sympathized with you to about five-star give wedding .

I want to be good parents hospitals treated. Nobody loves you out, you'll go to hospital chief.

Family is poor and can not get rich. Occur. Try poor knowledge. So the argument in installments Who can still give out money. HORRIBLE love.

Really work at the pre-invisible poor results.

In poor people lack the courage firm determination.

Adventurer feared a poor year.

In poor, the strong desire for peace.
The man who wants to save its flesh, blood, low care efforts. Lost. If you make 100% full strength for peace, people are already ready for use.

Its flesh, blood, and the rich people who want to learn a new invention became hungry. Always Just off to the left side in order to complete the study.

Its flesh, blood, and even if you fail, people who want comfort from this failure, excluding nobody sad efforts with a new process for those who want an immediate reversal.

that's it. So you think. Try to set aside excuses age population. You will continue the road is two-way. Where the money I'm back home. You will choose one of the two. Facebook friends. You will become irrational people.

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