Graphic works I've done for eSteem this month

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I didn't expect this month I will produce so much of graphics! Just started to write this post and was amazed by the amount of work. These are all the images used for eSteem post news and announcements for @esteemapp, @good-karma and @esteemapp.rus accounts.


All this graphics could be divided into two types. Illustraions which are hand drawn and designs - something done using tools like shapes, texts, screenshots etc.

These illustrations are mostly something I am already drawn in past but tweaked or edited now adding different details or changing colors and so on. I wish I could draw new one for each and every eSteem news posts but it's impossible for now because I have to do other important work for eSteem. Hopefully will be more free to create new illustrations soon!


They might look a bit similar to each other because made for similar theme posts like new eSteem Surfer Releases, How to use application features, etc but I am trying to make them look different experimenting a lot.

If you have some great samples of designs for new application versions releases or application announcements/news please share with me in the comments. I am really in need of inspiration to work further.

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eSteem product lead & illustrator Fil Dunsky
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This is a beautiful post. I think the graphics you've done are great, and as an eSteem user, I really appreciate that.

That said, I fear it is mis-tagged for Utopian. We have a graphics category, which a post such as this would have been appropriate for. But in our blog category, we're looking for longer texts, with graphics used to illustrate a point made in the text, rather than being the heart of the post.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 6 contributions. Keep up the good work!


your graphics really look cute! Keep on your good work :) Maybe you could do a livestream on twitch where you show how you create those graphics. Would be interesting.

Kind regards

The Secret Service

Thank you ery much for given this type of updates about rare collection of softwares.


amazing , you are a skiller.

Рисунки такие симпатичные, что вызывают сразу положительные эмоции, а китята и кито-собака невольную улыбку))) У вас очень богатая фантазия, я тоже человек творческой профессии, но я могу работать только когда есть вдохновение, а так что-то придумать, как автомат, я не могу... Я думаю, Вам подкинут еще идей)).

Спасибо большое! Ну без вдохновения сложно работать, я тоже так просто как автомат не могу :) обязательно нужно вдохновляться, хотя когда вдохновляет всё вокруг (жизнь в целом) - гораздо проще :)

Lovely illustrations, @dunsky! It's always such joy to see your works. ^.^

Thank you so much, Katalina!

Cool stuff @dunsky, and yea that's a lot of work in a month.

Thank you, man! I wish I could show everything done in a month here... 😂

Your images always make me smile! I always love seeing new ones! 😃

These are all so great, you must have an amazing portfolio.