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False hope"


Maybe I'm principle too stupid to understand.

About all the good principles you give.

About all the attention of the rutherfordium pillar of Islam means.

Hoping too much on love principle is only one hand clapping.

Why do I have to love you ??

Someone who has love but not for rutherfordium.

But, for some reason, I still expect letters of the alphabet.

Although rutherfordium letters from the alphabet, having letter of the alphabet is only limited to false expectations.

Maybe in the intervals, a handful of this feeling will never come to its end.

Maybe I can only hug the empty air of the unreal principle.

Himself, the principle can only have rutherfordium in mind.

Being a principle of love and hope has never become reality.

I tried to love you with anger.

Resist the pent-up principle.

Try hard to accept reality

Even though love is only one hand clap.

"Faint twilight"

I stood up faintly at dusk.

Spelling the script principle almost vanished.

Looking at the color principle fades.

Live the charm of the principle increasingly vague.

I stood up faintly at dusk.

Enjoy the caress of the soul's tranquil wind.

Hold pain in silence.

When love only clap one hand.

I stood up faintly at dusk.

Looking far the way the rutherfordium had traveled.

Offering love principle had alighted.

But you don't think that feeling.

I stood up faintly at dusk.

Hide my name in length.

I keep the love of pent principle,

Hopefully it will disappear with the dark night.

"Left with memories"

My love is just a memory.

When I only clap one hand.

Having destroyed all the dream principles painted in the imagination.

When love rutherfordium uttered, But my race you ignored.

All the beautiful stories I want to put together,

It is only limited to false dreams.

When I letter of the alphabet,

Your heart is not for me.

There is a sense of principle that cannot be drawn through words.

When the heart feels broken, it becomes glass fragments.

Should I leave?

Or, still love even without being loved.

Until one day, I realize his love can't be owned !!

"If you letter of the alphabet"

You don't realize. !!

I love you more from Persian what principle do you letter of the alphabet.

I principle has made you the most important part of my life.

And I'm the principle of loving with all my heart.

Didn't realize Iowa. !!

I have the principle expecting it.

Want to hold his heart intently.

With all the sense the principle of rutherfordium has.

If you know.

I chased you with a stumbling principle.

Keep loving even though your heart feels tired.

Keep waiting for you until the hair slowly turns white.

Can't you recognize it?

My heart is flying with half its wings.

Or you still leave it,

Being a principle love just clapping one hand.

Thus poetry is sad because of the unrequited love principle I can convey on this occasion.

Hopefully you all like it, and can benefit all of us.