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Paper butterfly

Flying around the lights

Two strange but good friends

Very good in its weirdness

This story begins when adolescents where we are looking for identity such as pigeons looking for shelters, like rice seeds that are being sown to the bottom, have not been touched by chemical drugs or the like, say ageng carrying out his duties as a student just starting his role, where he only pursuing the dream of becoming a juwara in the field of sports is only the juwara he thinks. But when love touches the niche of his soul he is unable to refuse it, like having angel wings but not being able to fly it, that introduction brings him to his first angel, let's say elly. God's creation that he thinks is perfect, good, smart, and loves to joke ... the presence of making his days perfect, every time Elly needs them every time he is always there. Is this what love is called, not necessarily? In his heart he wondered what is love? Begin to look for the answer. Like running water, like dew falling in the morning, he goes on tirelessly and keeps looking, when the time comes, he tries to reveal his heart's content. Even though I coughed up ... I like you elly ... what answer does he receive will be in accordance with his heart's feelings, no, that's not what I feel eleng said, we are just friends, all I need is a friend, who understands aq , who pays attention to me, and loves me too. Duh ... Like a heart attack, sudden tightness appears, the cold is felt to be one, even though saying a sentence like it is so heavy, like carrying tons of rice, in an ascending position at a height, it takes 30 minutes just to string words like I like you , the one he received was just 1 minute, without going long and wide, leaving Elly in his boarding house with great disappointment.

The lesson learned here is that love needs patience, love has closed the ears and mind, why? Elly said we were just friends, what I needed was a friend who paid attention to me, loved me and understood me. Sometimes we only know the word yes or not, even though love can be started from a friendship where each other understands and understands the meaning of a friendship ... 1 valuable lesson that we can take lessons from. Continued...