I deleted everything about it

in #esteem2 years ago

In the last verse of the verse ...
There is a little romance I've recorded here in my old little book.
So short and hopeful.
So that the imagination is smart - if.
Everything feels so real.
Although only through virtual.

Time passes without feeling ...
A sense of ignorance was revealed.
When everything is clearer, what happens is a mere reality.

Beautiful in a false sigh ...
Start to fade ..
When you start to realize you have been trapped by a game of taste that is played until my healthy reason.
No longer able to understand the truth of that feeling.

And I....
Began to hate every thing I saw.
Because it was so innocent even so that what he played was as usual even extraordinary.
So that it doesn't care about a pain that has been scratched.

Try to delete everything about it.
And throw away the name far from my mind.
Because I'm more aware ...
That he is indeed the virtual traveler who will always look for prey.
By giving a feeling in the sigh he made.
As if there were real ...

I just smile ...
When he saw him again he spread the peso.
And spread a scent of falsehood to ensnare its prey.

I delete ...
That name forever


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