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Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi.Wabarskatuh
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Inta Love is a Beautiful Story, but No End.
Love is the most beautiful gift from Allah. Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

IdupLiving without love of the world will feel silent. Love is the spirit and heart of the world.

ApiBut the best love is love after halal.

Intai Loving someone needs patience and sacrifice. It also needs weakness.
Because love itself is also gentle.

Intai Loving someone must also be simple. Don't overdo it. Because those who are not good. If there is a breakup. Then it will be very hurt.
Because Love is also patient and simple.

Intai Loving someone sincerely and sincerely. Will make us always be patient and willing to sacrifice. Because of our sincerity and sincerity. Our hearts and love become broad. Like a river that always follows the course of running water.

"Which is better. Between loving ... ??? Loving ... ??? And both love ... ???
Of course the best for us who are the same - both love. Then we will feel happy physically and spiritually.
Because both have a sense of wanting to be happy with the same love.

"If we love someone. But the person we love doesn't love us. It might even love someone else. It's really painful and painful for us. He will always ignore us and look down on us. That's what makes love more patient and increasingly full of sacrifice.

"And vice versa if we do not love someone. But someone who loves us. Then he who loves us will be willing to sacrifice for us. And this is love that is full of the meekness of the heart that gives love to us."

Inta Love the best if both of them love each other, accept each other's weaknesses and strengths also support each other's partner. And aspire to each other to establish halal love. Love is blessed by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.


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