today I want to show haw to create chicken stu

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Made with stew vegetable, beef or chicken. Stu is a popular food made in almost all the houses in the West and European countries. Here a recipe of chicken stew is shared.



Chicken meat: 500 grams or half kilogram of beta: 1 teaspoon kajju beta: 2 teaspoons of dough: 2 teaspoons of spices: almonds 3-4 teelbang: 3-4 teaspoons: 2-3 pieces



Step 1

Heat the white oil in the pot and spice it with spices.

Step 2

Poultry meat, ginger paste, stirring with almonds.

Step 3

Sprinkle the spices thoroughly and keep it slaughtered with milk.

Step 4

Serve after the meat is boiled.

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