Nutmeg fruit that many benefits

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Hello steemian friend Meet me again I will tell you about what I found on this day that I found below.
Pinang is a plant that looks very much like a coconut tree, but both are actually much different. In terms of fruit, coconut shaped round with a size almost as big as a volleyball, while a small areca nut and larger than a bekel ball. The areca nut is not consumed like coconut, and its use is limited to nginang / nyirih activity. Yet later it was found that the benefits of betel nut very much.
Is that right? Regarding the truth is not yet certain, but some research on the efficacy of betel nut is already widely done. One of the highlights is the research done by some students from top universities in Yogyakarta. Their research found that ethanolic extracts of betel nuts have antioxidant effects and can be used as cytotoxic agents for cancer therapy.
But until now there has been no further research on it. Though it is very interesting listened to answer the curiosity that exists.





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