Lada Rempah-Rempah masakan

in esteem •  last year 

Hello steemit friends Come back with me I will tell you about what I found on this day that I found below.
Pepper is one of the kitchen spices in cooking and into the grains. This small round pepper has a spicy, bitter, and warm flavor. Pepper is often used for cooking is white pepper. The texture of this pepper is rough and hard so if you want mashed need help food processor or by traditional way like diulek until smooth. This pepper is usually a spice kitchen for cooking to be a bit more spicy and gives a warm effect on the body. There are also black pepper or called black pepper. Black pepper is usually more often used for Italian cuisine or international cuisine. The taste of black pepper is more spicy and warm than white pepper. Cuisine that uses pepper is usually chicken porridge, vegetable soup, meatball sauce, and stir.



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