Daun sirih yang bisa dijadikan sebagai obat yang baik untuk tubuh

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Hello steemit friends Come back with me I will tell you about what I found on this day that I found below.
Siri leaf is one of the most famous medicinal plants in Indonesia. From rural to urban society, almost everything is familiar with the efficacy of betel leaf. Betel leaf has a distinctive aroma that makes it different from other plant leaves.

Betel leaf contains a lot of useful ingredients, including essential oils, kavikol, estragol, hidrosikavikol, phenyl propane, starch, sesquiterpenes, diatase, and tannin. These substances make the betel leaf useful to overcome various health complaints and to just keep the health, and also the benefits of betel is Essential oil of betel leaf containing flying oil (betIephenol), seskuiterpen, starch, diatase, sugar and tannin and kavikol which has germicidal power, antioxidant and fungicide, anti fungus. Betel nutritious eliminate body odor caused by bacteria and fungi. Betel leaf is also resistant to bleeding, healing skin wounds, and digestive tract disorders. It also has a frown, sputum, shed saliva, hemostatic, and stop the bleeding. Usually for bleeding nose medicine, used 2 pieces of fresh leaves Piper betle, washed, rolled and then inserted into the nostrils. In addition, the active ingredient content of phenol and kavikol betel leaf forests can also be utilized as a vegetable pesticide to control pest suction.




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