Goldenhourphotography : Sunrise and Silhouette

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The silhouette technique incorporates the full drama of the composition of images through the darkness of the object and makes the viewer guess the stories and messages in the photo.

No need to use DSLR cameras, creative techniques can also be applied with compact camera or camera smartphone. Here are some simple tips to do to get an interesting silhouette photo with a smartphone camera.

As long as the direction of the light is turned back to the object of the photo, which will be captured in the photograph is a dark-looking object into a silhouette and a bright background will look normal. This makes sunrise and sunset time the most ideal time to apply silhouette techniques because at this time the sun is in the closest position to the horizon that makes the direction of the ray back to the object.

Details of Shoot

SettingsAperture : f /2.0 Speed 1/547sec ISO100
CameraXiaomi redminote 4x

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