MMoSP003C- steem-python 定制修改密码的工具

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MMoSP003C- steem-python 定制修改密码的工具

一般我们从官网 注册账号,相对比较安全.

密码丢失后(被盗后),可以找 帮助恢复.



我们一般登陆,在官方在线钱包中 修改密码,但就比较麻烦,不如直接命令行用工具改.


#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

# 修改 steem 帐号密码
# python MMoSP003_customize_a_tools_for_change_keys acc wif
# acc:steem账户名
# wif:steem账户名旧的 owner private key

import sys
import json
import steem
import steembase
from steem.steemd import Steemd
from steem.instance import set_shared_steemd_instance
from steembase.account import PasswordKey, BrainKey
from steembase import operations

# 必须参数
    acc = sys.argv[1]
    wif = sys.argv[2]
except Exception as e:
print('acc:', acc)
print('wif:', wif)

steemd_api_nodes = [
stm = Steemd(nodes=steemd_api_nodes)

# 生成一套新密码
bk = BrainKey()
brainkey = bk.get_brainkey()
print('brain key:', str(brainkey))
prikey = str(bk.get_private())
print('private key:', str(prikey))
pubkey = format(bk.get_public(), "STM")
print('public key:', str(pubkey))

# 获取整套密钥
posting_key = PasswordKey(acc, pubkey, role="posting")
active_key = PasswordKey(acc, pubkey, role="active")
memo_key = PasswordKey(acc, pubkey, role="memo")
owner_key = PasswordKey(acc, pubkey, role="owner")
# 提取整套密钥中的私钥
active_privkey = active_key.get_private_key()
posting_privkey = posting_key.get_private_key()
owner_privkey = owner_key.get_private_key()
memo_privkey = memo_key.get_private_key()
print('posting_privkey:', str(posting_privkey))
print('active_privkey:', str(active_privkey))
print('owner_privkey:', str(owner_privkey))
print('memo_privkey:', str(memo_privkey))
# 提取整套密钥中的公钥
# active_pubkey = active_key.get_public_key()
# owner_pubkey = owner_key.get_public_key()
# posting_pubkey = posting_key.get_public_key()
memo_pubkey = memo_key.get_public_key()
print('memo_pubkey:', str(memo_pubkey))

    old_owner_key = str(PasswordKey(acc, wif, "owner").get_private_key())

    client = steem.Steem(nodes=steemd_api_nodes, keys=[old_owner_key])
    #client = steem.Steem(nodes=[''], keys=[wif])

    new_pubkey = {}
    for role in ["owner", "active", "posting", "memo"]:
        private_key = PasswordKey(
            acc, pubkey, role).get_private_key()
        new_pubkey[role] = str(private_key.pubkey)

    new_data = {
        "account": acc,
        "json_metadata": {},
        "owner": {
            "key_auths": [
                [new_pubkey["owner"], 1]
            "account_auths": [],
            "weight_threshold": 1
        "active": {
            "key_auths": [
                [new_pubkey["active"], 1]
            "account_auths": [],
            "weight_threshold": 1
        "posting": {
            "key_auths": [
                [new_pubkey["posting"], 1]
            "account_auths": [],
            "weight_threshold": 1
        "memo_key": new_pubkey["memo"]
    print("New data:", new_data)

    op = operations.AccountUpdate(**new_data)
    result = client.commit.finalizeOp(op, acc, "owner")
    print("Result:", result)
except Exception as err:
    print(acc, " err:", err)

执行程序:python MMoSP003_customize_a_tools_for_change_keys dappcoder ownerkey
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